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What does a child need to be completely happy?

None of the parents who would not dream to create your baby happy and serene childhood. But do we know how to achieve this? Criteria happy childhood long ago developed by psychologists, doctors, sociologists and educators. And whether they want mom and dad all to ensure your baby - it depends on them.

1. It should be a welcome

Happy child is born not by accident, but because his parents want to have children. In the period of conception they do not drink and do not smoke, take vitamins, full of love for each other and to the unborn child. From the first weeks of pregnancy there is a gynecologist mom and dad proud surrounds her care and attention. Child feels this wave of love and happy already. He comes into the world with unbridled lust for life. And if, God forbid, something goes wrong, the probability of the desired child to get out of any critical situation several times higher than that of no use to anyone.

And if no one wants

Negative emotions mom always leave a mark on the psyche of the fetus. According to the observations of psychologists and teachers, unwanted children are prone to pessimism, depression, worse learn long can not find their way in life, more jealous and resentful, rarely marry and marry. And even random luck passes them by.

How to rectify the situation

Do not want to have children - Safe. Gynecologist tells you the most reliable method. If, however, the random and unnecessary pregnancies took the decision - to give birth or have an abortion - to take myself and not listen to any mom or doctor or girlfriend. The only person whose opinion should be taken into account in this situation, - the father of the unborn child.

2. The child must be dad

Do not listen to those who say that the father does not need a baby. The Pope is absolutely necessary for the child, so that the waves of spontaneous maternal love will not be flooded. Do you think that the husband purposely distracts his wife from the newborn and from jealousy is jealous of her for the baby? He does the planned evolutionary act - he allows the child to remain alone, turn over on his stomach, grab a rattle, hit it on the head, yell - and grow up as an inquisitive and purposeful person. The pope, sending the child to life, informs him of the initial acceleration: the more vigorously he pushes, the farther he goes. All children who had fathers, growing up, achieve in their careers and family life greater successes than those who were brought up only by their mother.

And if the father is not

Child forever hovering choice and is afraid of everything new. Boys in their teens instinctively seek authoritative father, a man can not really tell right from wrong, and often associated with bad guys. Girls growing up harder to build relationships with young people, they are often divorced and remain single.

How to rectify the situation

Scientifically proven that a newborn in a special responds not only to the mother, but also his father's voice. If, while in the womb, the baby daddy is not heard in the first days after birth did not see, of course, the image of his father in his heart and memory locks and the relationship between them will always be cold. No wonder all cultures taken immediately after birth to put your hands on my father barely appeared on baby light - so that they know and remember each other on the level of instinct. Trust you and your baby a gentle fatherly embrace.

If you are divorced, do not rebuke the child to meet with the Pope, no matter how much your husband nor offended. Being lonely, persistently looks for child caring and responsive stepfather - better than nothing. Let the child first porevnuet and capricious, but then his life will have stability. By the way, the kid thinks wider adult and quickly becomes accustomed to the idea that he had "two dads."

If a single woman gives birth "for themselves", she must soberly assess their strength: whether it will save both tender affection to the child and, stifling their maternal instinct, just move away from "his krovinushku." Sometimes lonely mothers manage to do the impossible and raise a child without a father and happy. In this case, dad partly replaced by another man, like my grandfather or uncle. Bad and ancient custom to acquire godfather - provided, of course, that he is a man in charge.

3. The child must be grandparents

And they pamper and love it just does not "educating", without directing and without imposing unreasonable expectations. Him with them fun and easy. Growing up, he knows where in difficult times find peace and comfort, and who gives him a tasty bun with poppy seeds. Communication with the elderly teaches children kindness and tenderness. Growing up, they are not afraid of old age and quietly at the idea of ​​death.

And if without grandparents

Child, which was not anyone's favorite grandson, afraid of sickness, infirmity and unavoidable life ending. There is less sensitivity and leniency to foreign shortcomings.

How to rectify the situation

Suppose you have friends appropriate age your parents.

4. He was not punished for disobedience

And he grows confident, kind, strong and independent. And these children all love and no one offends - neither adults nor peers. Parent soul rejoices - it almost never have to fight.

And if the penalty introduced in the law and punish mischief and mistakes

Mother regularly beat 5-year-old daughter with a belt for moods, broken cups and "insolent" demands ice cream. She wanted to bring out her "strong personality." And turned downtrodden. Timid girl, hounded, deceitful and is not able to fight back openly. In the garden behind the sly habit of revenge and hate her children do not like teachers. Be strong girl from birth spirit, she would have turned into the angry wolf who batters all upfront, scolds, and condemns no one regrets. Oh what a happy childhood there can there be?

How to rectify the situation

Never too late to stop. And punish only that provides the Criminal Code. Encourage good behavior affection, candy kisses. Hours to explain even year-old kid than dangerous behavior is wrong. Rarely utter the word "no" and never take it back. Well, if the kid brought you out of yourself with your endless whims and you beat them in the hearts of his - do not worry. We all know what these angels are harmful, they are holy to the white heat will bring, not to mention mom and dad. Emotional outburst kid will understand and forgive.

5. Child will never say that he is bad

And the kid knows full well that he was a wonderful, kind, intelligent and beautiful. He does not need to humiliate someone to prove your mind, crouching in front of someone to show themselves good. It is balanced and confident in parental love. Surrounding are always so sweet to meet the child. He grows an optimist, and his life does not disappoint.

And if you call it bad

He formed an inferiority complex. Children firmly believe parents. Called bad times, this means he has no reason to try and behave, do their homework, teach English. Everything is already predetermined by a higher power in the face of mom and dad. One notorious child life prove anything to anyone, other - constantly asserting itself at the expense of others, do not put out the third, fourth becomes a villain, as was said. And none of them happy.

How to rectify the situation

Your 3-old son draws on the wallpaper? Take his pen, show how much you upset his behavior, and call his actions "wrong." Hysterical and requires pen back? Hold on and do not give.

6. Pay attention to the child

Since it does not necessarily play for hours. Enough to hold him 30 minutes a day, but to surrender to communicate fully. Warning - this is a manifestation of love.

And if you do not communicate with him

He decides that mom and dad do not like him. Uselessness and loneliness - these are the two emotions that will haunt him all his life.

How to rectify the situation

Set a schedule for communicating with children and religiously abide by it.

7. Child should grow in abundance

Child requires not only love, but also high-quality food, toys and books. When he grows up, the parents have to buy a computer for him, give him money for cinema and theater and dress him no worse than the average of the same age. And then everything will start to develop the child's ability and he will not feel ugly duckling.

And if money is not enough at all times

My buddies 10 years ago my daughter bought a piano, she had dreamed, citing the lack of money. Now 18-old girl works as a hairdresser, taking music lessons for your money and her teacher sighs: "Oh, if this nugget fell into my hands a few years ago ..." A neighbor boy, who was dressed in someone else's castoffs, because his mom with Dad could not find work in the soul, grown in a completely groundless conviction that he would freak.

How to rectify the situation

Earn more, to ensure a happy life to their offspring.

8. The child should be happy parents

And for that mom and dad need to monitor their health, care about their appearance, to travel not only family, but also with friends, buy their own beautiful things and at least occasionally dine in the restaurant. Let your child see how they close. And then he realizes that being an adult - it's good, and will not seek to remain forever young.

And if parents are unhappy

Then the children will be the same.

How to rectify the situation

Divorce if living together unbearable. Do not quarrel over trifles. Do not be shy to spend money on themselves. Taken when the child mutual tenderness. To go on holiday without him and not worry, as they say, he is alone with his grandmother.

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