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How to prepare for the New Year with a child?

New Year - this is the most magical and most interesting holiday. Usually begin to prepare for it in advance, especially if you have children at home. Kids having fun doing together with paper garlands parents, Christmas trees from scrap materials, snowmen and other colorful decorations and crafts.

Christmas trees

Of course, the Christmas tree (real or artificial) is the main decoration of the holiday. But you can make a small Christmas trees of different materials and decorate all the rooms in the apartment or house.

From what we can make the Christmas tree? This may be a clay, salt dough, cardboard, tinsel. Choose the material that is pleasant to you and crumbs.

Sculpt of plasticine Christmas tree very easily. It is necessary to roll the ball and pull the tip of his fingers. You can then make branches and attach them to each other in turn. Turned out the Christmas tree can be decorated with cotton wool (it will snow), shiny beads, or beads. If a baby is impossible to perform such a fine job, help him.

Herringbone of cardboard becomes even easier. An adult should draw on cardboard herringbone pattern. A kid can paint it. Then comes the fun - dressing. How to decorate a Christmas tree? You can paint balls and tinsel, glue beads and buttons, and it is possible to finish sapling eyes, nose, mouth and pen - get a live Christmas tree.

Bright and shiny Christmas tree get a paper cone, swathed in shiny tinsel (help double-sided tape). And tinsel can be green, gold, silver.

An interesting turn textiles herringbone. But there is more need to bother my mother. A child will be helping to choose the color of trees and decorations.


To the apartment reigned Christmas mood, always need to decorate it with garlands. They can be made from paper, foil, colored patches.

The most simple garland can be made of colored paper. It is necessary to cut the paper into strips 15 cm in length and width 1 cm and roll out their rings, each ring threading in the subsequent. Different colors can be used.

Another interesting option - cut colored paper strips or triangles and sew the figures in the center with each other. This garland is a very original look, if you place it vertically.

From the foil can be cut out hearts or snowflakes. Each figure strung on a thread and hang from the ceiling or window. This garland will shine and sparkle, creating a festive mood.

Christmas crafts

Various winter crafts can be made of cones, twigs, tinsel, glitter, paper. Plenty of imagination here limitless.

For example, you can make snow from wool snegovichkov of paper (the kids will be happy to crumple the paper), and next to the Christmas tree with beads from clay.

An interesting hack get out of construction paper. You can cut a snowy forest, and in the middle of the house, too, set out of paper. The entire perimeter of the lights spread out and include them in the evening. We obtain very original. Or you can make a house from, and next put the figure lesovichkov of acorns and cones.

Santa Claus with a bag of gifts - a very bright and festive hack. Santa can be made from paper, cardboard or other materials at hand. Bag, of course, it is better to sew of bright cloth. And gifts to hide inside.

These crafts can be installed on window sills, tables, or other places. You can put a nice crafts and a Christmas tree.

Advent calendar

Very interesting idea - to make the Advent calendar for children. The easiest way to make it out of the paper. Pre-need to prepare many different boxes - matchboxes, packaging of cosmetics or soaps. They can hide small gifts and surprises. These boxes should be pasted foil or colored paper, covered with fabric or decorate any other way. You can use stickers, sequins, rhinestones. In general, the calendar should be bright and beautiful.

Boxes need to stick to a large sheet of paper. From above it is necessary to make an inscription on the sheet: "Christmas calendar". When the glue is dry, and well-glued boxes, you can hang a calendar on the cabinet door or wall. In each box to hide something interesting, and the most important gift must be in the last box.

You can make a calendar of colorful fabric scraps. But it is only by this needle women.

What else you can decorate your home in anticipation of the New Year? Of course, these are different snowflakes vytynanki, Christmas balls made of paper, wreaths from twigs, cones and tinsel, and bright lights that can hang on the windows.

New Year - a wonderful family holiday that will help teach a child something new, to develop his sense of beauty. And this is a good excuse to get together with your family and prepare for the holiday fun.