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How to change the home appliances of 10 years

In 2006 year in our homes we worked quite a different technique, and we decided to take the interim results: remember the main innovations in consumer devices over the past decade.


Washing machines have become more manageable - almost all now have a touch screen, but some machines can even lead to the phone. Grew Receive up today narrow models, depth 40-45 cm, can accommodate 7-8 kg (compared with 4-5 2006 kg per year).

Washing became more careful, do not lose in quality: many manufacturers (Miele, Bosch) created the relief washing drums. Even machines have learned to wash out things even slightly heated water - thanks to the supply pressure of the finished detergent solution (Mix Power System at Candy) or air saturated detergent solution (the famous bubbles Eco Bubble by Samsung). There was avtodozirovka detergents: liquid (Siemens), and even powder (Miele). And the new format means themselves - you have already tried samorastvorimye capsules?

Gaining momentum laundry with steam, more washing machines with steam feature refreshing things (for example, LG). More recently, Samsung has introduced a unique new product: the washing machine with AddWash technology with optional sunroof - for the forgetful. Now you can throw things at any stage of the wash.


Today the products are stored in the fridge for much longer than in the past: the so-called zone of freshness really exist - they maintain the optimum temperature and humidity.

About mode "Holiday" could only dream of: it is when the freezer is working as usual, and in the refrigerator compartment near + 15 ° C - not to develop the bacteria did not form an unpleasant smell. Has become commonplace today and No Frost technology (avtorazmorazhivanie), and 2006-m model, it belonged to the premium class. Plus electronic control, intelligent algorithms - all these gains of the last decade.


Irons experimented with soles: the classics of "Stainless Steel" or aluminum was added ceramics, metal, glass, and even titanium and Teflon. There irons with separate steam generators (leaders: Philips, Tefal, DeLonghi, Braun).

The world learned cordless irons (started from Tefal) - is now ironing absolutely nothing prevents. And now is not afraid to "forget" about iron: modern models themselves off via 8-30 seconds, from Bosch and all - as soon as you let go of the handle of the iron.

Finally, there were a large number of steamers - vertical and portable.


Hair dryers have become more caring: Ceramic heaters do not desiccate the hair, and the hair dryer in the air ionization reduces static electricity.

In addition to classic hairdryers in the stores in a variety of hair dryers were sold-brush for styling, stylers and even devices to weave braid. Hair iron got a second wind: Now almost every girl knows that they can not only straighten your hair, but also to do the Hollywood curls.

Vacuum cleaners

Models with a bag of dust gave way to vacuum cleaners-tsiklonnikam removable container. The quality of air purification filters become higher. There were vertical storage model. They are easy on the rise in the direct and figurative sense of the word - no need to unwind the cord, attach the hose to the pipe, pull cord from the wall, when you go into another room.

Sold items with paroobrabotkoy surfaces, as well as vacuum cleaners, which are themselves going for the owner (LG). Robotic vacuums capture if not the world, many of the apartments. They come in for dry and wet cleaning (iRobot Scooba or Braava).


Coming to us from Asia (thanks to Panasonic), these upgraded for different culinary needs rice cookers have become incredibly popular. In modern multivarka can cook, stew, fry, bake, make yogurt or cottage cheese. Porridge, soup, stew, pie, juice or mulled wine - all the power of a miracle device. There Multivarki-cooker - at elevated pressure in the food they are preparing several times faster. Chicken wings over 10 minutes - a reality, not fantasy.


One of the main innovations in the ovens - convection - circulates and uniform distribution of hot air in the oven. There is also a microwave oven and steam. And in modern ovens (eg, Samsung) you can cook various dishes at the same time 2: at each level will have its own temperature, and smells are not mixed up.


10 years ago, microwaves were used mainly for heating ready meals, today - for cooking. Chicken wings in barbecue sauce, cake in the microwave for a minute 2, airy sponge cake - in fact, there was a whole new direction - microwave cooking. However, despite the wealth of features, most people today still use the microwave for heating only.

Multifunction blenders

"Food Processor Killer" - so is called an immersion blender with lots of accessories, seriously expanding its culinary possibilities. It is in our time, and a mixer, and a shredder can cut products into cubes, chop them, cut into slices or strips, even chopping ice. In this place, even with all the nozzles, it takes less miner - to keep it comfortable. In 2006 year it was not such.


Least of all the wonders of innovative expect from dummies, but in vain. Since 2006, they have changed a lot. For plastic and rare metal models (they are now much more) were added glass and ceramic. But the main thing - electric can now not only to bring the water to a boil, and heat it to the desired temperature, and then maintaining it for 30-40 minutes, if needed. There were even kettles, who themselves know how to make tea (BORK, Rolsen).

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