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How stylishly decorate the house without the help of a designer: 10 tips

House - this is the place where all the rest should be promoted. So it comfortable position. To fulfill the dream of the most comfortable home, people are willing to spend huge sums on designers. This is convenient, but hits the pocket. At the same time make the house comfortable and beautiful, and you can unaided. Use 10 tips from this collection and your house transform beyond recognition! The beauty of the interior requires no casualties, and the right approach! Be of good cheer!

1. Invest in furniture that you really like

Take your time in furnishing your house. To have suitable furniture is much more important than simply filling the space with a huge number of unnecessary items. Do not fill the space by the principle "there is too much empty space". Bring in your house only the furniture that you really like, even if it is not new or inherited from the grandmother. Get rid of things that you do not have any emotions. They will steal your sense of comfort. Visit flea markets more, buy home accessories while traveling, collect books that suit your interests, pick up furniture of different textures and buy only those items that you really like.

2. organize the space

Clear the clutter! If you do not like some things and more are not using them - peredaril or sell them. This is the most effective way to start with a clean slate. The release of the space will open new opportunities for design solutions.

3. Trust your instincts

Your initial feelings usually are the most loyal. When it comes time to make a decision, this process can be overwhelming because there are so many great ideas, among which to choose just one. But after much thought, you still realize that the very first inspiration was the best choice.

4. Bring a bit of nature into the house

Bring a bit of nature into the apartment, by adding live plants and herbs. Vases filled with home space with warmth and energy. They bring more color and are a unique, organic, fresh décor. Consider green herbs for the kitchen, the leaves of the fig tree to furnish your living room, or simply put succulents on the coffee table.

5. Make a priority element of the interior lighting

How many can make good lighting! The designers at registration of almost all kinds of space make an important emphasis on the lamps and chandeliers. Pick a simple furniture, which will be an excellent basis for a minimalist design, and complement its coverage, which add individuality home. The lamp can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as an element of the interior and create the desired mood.

6. Less is better

The Internet can be both a blessing and a curse. Use it as a resource to find new ideas and solutions, but do not try to realize each image that you liked, in the same room. If you want to make your home was unique, not necessarily immediately buy all the latest mobile trends. Stay minimalist style and add his individual and original things.

7. Add pieces of art

Art adds sophistication to any room. Buy items that you inspire and evoke positive emotions, and then hang them at eye level (picture mistakenly hung too high). Works of art are a great expression of the homeowner's personality and immediately create a more welcoming atmosphere.

8. Every home needs gallery on the wall

Connect more imagination, creating a gallery wall. It can be a major element of the space, or a complementary part of the existing interior. Hang pictures of relatives, the place where you traveled, frank family photos, handwritten notes, your own images or pictures of children. Do not be afraid to put on display old photos, even if they are blurry and a bit shabby - they tell their story and are a major artistic statement.

9. Use accessories

Generally, the smaller the better! When you choose a simple palette and a small amount of furniture, all you need to do is add a few details to finish the interior. Accessories - it's the little things that are the most important thing in the formation of the individual style of the home.

10. Bring in a surprise element

We believe that there is no hard and fast rules when it comes to design. Guidelines and good taste are required, but you can always deviate from the rules, and add an element of surprise. This is your home, which should be more fun, spontaneity and laughter - design elements must personify these emotions.