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"Oh, please, let all will somehow razrulitsya!" On the exit of the comfort zone

From time to time each of us there are periods when it seems that you do not just come out of his comfort zone, but was kicked out of her kick up the backside for nonpayment of rent. Journalists and bloggers from Belarus, Olga Primachenko talks about what to do when out of your comfort zone you are thrown ...

The familiar and habitual ends abruptly as the final word in the fateful conversation. Do you like jumping off a cliff into the sea, and sometimes did not even having to type in a deep breath: you know what vyplyvesh on the surface, but do not know - when.

And then there come times, to which no one has ever prepared us, but with which we will perfectly cope - the times that will show us, not what we stand for, but what we want. For me, such a revelation was the moment when I once hung in a cave in a cave without insurance, trying hard not to fall down with the last forces. It was then that I realized that most of all I want to live - to walk on my own two, to stay whole: with everything else we'll figure out on the way, we will solve problems as they come. Actually, there is nothing else, it's the only entertainment program available on the route.

Eat let live. What do you still want?

Serious problems always make me panic and desire to take on his chest and curl up in a fetal position - but I have already gone through a sufficient number of changes in order to understand: do not be afraid. Even if it seems that you now lie down and die of suspense and sadness, believe the wise Mother Goose: you will deal with everything, with everything right, everything will pick up the keys, add up all the puzzles. Time is on your side. It is always on the side of those legs moving.

So just move your legs - okrepnesh the road.

Two important things you should learn to do as soon as possible: ask for help and pull myself by the collar itself. Do you remember any of the three most beautiful words in any language spoken Captain Kirk? -"Help me please".

Train voice.

Pull yourself by the neck - so look for opportunities to release and not cause surrender. It is important to distinguish between: I'm talking about when you're so sweet that even a little bit - and is not funny, not trying to pull themselves artificially from the comfort zone, because it is now fashionable. I support the idea to try to agree a "new and exciting" only if you really want it, not because everything around is already done, and post it in fotochki Instagramm, and you have there only seals, muesli and ficus Valera.

The famous question of my mother as a child: "And if the roof jump, you jump, too?" in adulthood surprisingly acquires a new meaning. And common sense.

Trying to stir up new self as bad, - employment, are rarely successful. In my opinion, much better help to not go crazy just familiar and familiar things, the steps are simple shovel.

If you can not laugh - ironically. Enjoy sarcasm as to stupor not want kindness. Stop take themselves so seriously - in life provides a lot of great things, just to laugh.

From a halo on your head is very tired, over someone else - especially the blind eye. One would like to ask: why so serious, we're not sixteen?

I want to cry - cry. There is no "right" of the rules deal with the state of deep inner sadness, except one - do not give up. And when the house is finish all the handkerchiefs and napkins - blow your nose in curtain in the bathroom, then change it.

If you now cold, remember how warm and humid summer night - when it seems as if you embrace the air. How beautiful winter stars in the country. As magical smells in a candy store. Recall what makes breathing. Listen, quickens the heart rate. As it beats and gets her.

Try to find pleasure per se, as such, here and now, for you, and not in comparison with those who are worse as we are usually taught. "The sad clown" in your head, will always find what to put in the morning air - to switch to another wave. If trash everywhere - sing itself.

Arranges life ordering space. Who of your friends, you can give these books, once used creams, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelery bored, barely wear, but a favorite skirt? This is not a charity, not a way to feel like a "benefactor" - a head ecology, reasonable redistribution of things in space. Well, if you throw away - and learn to do it without pity. "Immediately three spoons ... ... half a cup of only two pieces ..." - excellent ejected. It does not matter where it rots - in you, or in the trash.

And yet - adds light. In the literal sense - Replace the light bulbs, replacing them with more powerful lamp plug. You know, like Zemfira, "Time

All his articles, cheerful words and ridiculous pictures I teach the art of living here and now, with those around, to live in peace with itself. So where would we be with you tomorrow or turned, let's agree for certain of only one thing:

We can handle.