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Rules of life and learning first-grader

Beginning of the school year for many kids due to stress. Especially for first-graders. Below are tips for parents of first-graders - how to behave with your toddler, who went to school.

Remember, the game still remains the principal activity of the child, why reinvent the conditions under which the boring doing homework turned into a game. For example, if a baby has problems with the bill, offer evening the whole family to play bingo with the calculations. If the child sat down at the typewriter, take on the role of regulator and learn finally the concept of "left" and "right." In the first grade, children often confuse these concepts.

Encourage any manifestations of initiatives to respond to any, even the questions are not very comfortable. He is interested in the political situation in the Middle East, try to treat this with understanding and try to grasp the essence of the matter at his level.

* Always be on the side of the child. Lack of success in school ordeal, so he expects support from relatives, expects that you will love him as he is. Do not blame the kid in laziness, carelessness and generally of all sins. In the end, even if these qualities are inherent in him and they to a large extent and your merit, not because the sky is your child fell. Try to refrain from estimating a son or daughter - they have enough of this in school. And from your child needs support. And the firm belief that he is loved!
* Try to make sure that the child does not miss classes. If a baby gets used to skip from the first class - on it will be more difficult: the curriculum is designed so that all of the following is based on the previous material, so many voids lead to the instability of knowledge.
* Never withhold request help. But do not do the job instead, and stripped "homework" on several stages and managers. Along with their own knowledge reanimiruesh. And by the end of the school safely can give some advice: "And now calculate the integral!" - Or make a bold suggestion: "Maybe this is the formula of the nucleic acid?"
* Be genuinely interested in the child's school work, aware of his successes, failures, near misses. Serious attitude towards the achievements will help you understand the importance of his new position.
* Your child has come to school to learn. And when a person learns something he can not be obtained immediately. Child also has the right to make mistakes. Remember this!
* Do not miss the difficulties faced by the student in the early months of study, do not leave them for later - they will disappear by themselves. For example, if there is a problem speech therapy, go to school speech therapist for consultation.
* Do not reproach the child for being slow slowness. There should be no hard and fast rules, such as "read two pages a day" or "solve 33 example in mathematics." Usually benefit from this no, because the child always mentally will be provided in the end.
* Deal with the fact that the life of your child appeared more competent and important man than you. This is his first teacher. Respect your child's opinion about teachers. Maintain contact with the teacher.
* For any job you need to praise the child. Praise and emotional support increase intellectual capacity.

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