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Who celebrate New Year

The closer 31 December, the more people ask each other the question, "Where and with whom you meet the New Year?". But maybe you're still undecided: hold a festive night with friends or with your man to go along to friends. Author and practicing psychologist Tatiana Lapshina speculate what features are at each of these options.


New Year twosome with lovely man. It would seem that may be the best answer to the question "where to celebrate New Year?". However, not all so simple: this romantic version has its pitfalls.

Let's start with the obvious: if you meet recently, a joint celebration of the New Year may be a step that confirms the seriousness of your attitude. It is important to be attentive to, first, do not give false hope boyfriend if you're not sure that he is the one you need, and secondly, most not be at the mercy of illusions. The easiest way not to get into an awkward situation - to talk about what each of you means a date on New Year's night, and not to build a far-reaching plans.

But couples who long together, another danger lurks - boredom and routine. If you celebrate the New Year at home, then there is no temptation to decorate an apartment, not to cook delicious food and, most importantly, do not dress up. Of course, to meet 1 January, sitting in front of the TV in the home clothes, there is nothing wrong. But the holiday spirit in this either.

Why not come up with their own program? Home clothes can be not only comfortable, but also beautiful and erotic, but rather monotonous festive shows to watch their favorite movies or even arrange a candlelight dinner and then move to the bed. Discuss with each other their plans for New Year's Eve, and figure out how to make it truly memorable.

"With whoever you decide to celebrate the New Year, it is important to understand what you want from a holiday - says psychologist. - New Year's holiday is often preceded by a period of intense work with the organization and bustle of the holiday and buying gifts. You may want to relax in tranquility, or, conversely, to cheer vivid impressions.

What is a real holiday for you? What New Year's holidays past years you liked best? What pastime you want right now, on the eve of the beginning of the year 2014? You want a noisy party? Dancing? Travel? Quiet evening at home with your family? And what your partner wants? Discuss these questions and come up with a unique version of the joint celebration. "

Among his friends

New Year's Eve with the company of her husband - a great opportunity to become better acquainted with the people whom he considers his relatives, and learn a new side of himself. Indeed, among the friends of the person does not behave exactly as with your partner. But do not neglect a situation.

The main thing you need to pay attention to is the degree of your acquaintance with the boyfriend's friends. The less you know them, the more surprises you should expect, and not all of them can be to your liking. Think over the spare steps in case the company does not like you at all. What if, say, they make a scandal, will they play all night in a boring board game or talk on topics that are not interesting to you? It's not so easy to go home on New Year's Eve. Will you have the opportunity to arrange your own entertainment that will allow you to have a good time, no matter what?

It is equally important to gather information about the interests and preferences of friends boyfriend: where to celebrate the New Year, according to them, as they usually spend a holiday, what gifts will be happy, what theme is better to talk with them, and which, on the contrary, be avoided. Answers to these questions will help you quickly find a common language with the company of her husband and a good time.

In your company

Another version of the joint celebration - among your friends. But before offering it worth appreciate how easy it will be to your man and your company to find common ground. Do they have common interests, or, conversely, topics for debate? Does someone have traits that cause resentment among others?

Remember that before the holiday you have to assume the role of mediator and tell your man everything he needs to know about your friends. And vice versa. The more useful the information they receive, the better will be held a joint meeting of the New Year. And, of course, help them with gifts to each other, which is in fact made a gift - a great start to the holiday.

By the way, if possible, check the compatibility in advance of his men and their friends. For example, call them to visit, together selected to the rink, or go to the movies. Then, at the celebration of the New Year they will feel at ease with each other.

"Any holiday can be spoiled or demanding excessive expectations for the partner - like Tatiana Lapshin. - Especially New Year, when the desire is particularly strong miracle. From whatever seriousness and responsibility you or approaches to joint New Year, remember: it is a holiday invented for fun and relaxation in the midst of the cold, dark winter.

Find a place for sharing frenzy and absurdities that will relax and relieve the oppression of the "ideal joint celebration." Set playful norm: many broken dishes, Christmas toys, gifts or even hearts can happen to the best holiday considered. "

Without it,

But what if circumstances do not allow a loved one to spend New Year's Eve with you? The most important thing is not to despair and not harass yourself with thoughts about how he could do this, and how well you would be together. Instead, think about what opportunities are open before you. You can not seek a compromise between your and his tastes and not torment yourself with doubts about how to best meet the New Year. You can go to friends whom he does not like, and calmly communicate with his ex, without risking causing jealousy of a partner. You can afford an extra glass of champagne. You can watch romantic comedies all night with friends, without worrying that your beloved is bored.

Do not let the separation spoil your holiday mood. Choose a company in which you will be happy, and in which you can have a good time and celebrate the New Year. Option may be different, but with a loved one, you can meet after the New Year and to arrange your own holiday.

"The real opportunities open to those who are not bound by ties of love affairs - says psychologist. - Most New Year's Eve loneliness is most urgent, but of this alarm is always possible to find a new and foreboding let into your life celebration. If you have not met a loved one, for you especially relevant question is how exactly do you want to celebrate New Year?

If you believe in Christmas tales and want to meet 2014 year with your beloved, why not devote this time to finding love. Go on a New Year's "blind date," an interesting themed party or friends, among whom there are "free" men. Suddenly among them will be the one you need, and if not - you just get to know and talk with new people and practice the art of flirting. If you like your loneliness, feel free to choose any holiday to your liking. Maybe your best New Year includes a warm blanket, a favorite book, a movie or a page on the Internet. "

Author: Alexandra Volohova
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