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Narcissism - the "disease" of modern men

Modern men do not narcissism than women, sometimes even ignoring them. The study showed that they make almost twice as many shots themselves than women, writes The Daily Mail.

According to behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings, such behavior is considered socially acceptable. This is the male version of "secure vanity." For example, the survey showed 2000 people: they even missed an interesting point, really worthy photograph, as photographed themselves. Moreover, here is mixed into a burning desire to immediately share a self-portrait in a social network. Some photos, psychologists say, are made with the sole purpose - to brag about.

52% of respondents admitted they upload pictures to the network immediately after the picture is taken. A British study 5,4 confirms it. Many publish such photographs to boast 10 within minutes of arriving at the resort. Photos included pictures of rooms, bars, nightclubs, and even pictures of the resting lying in bed.

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