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On vacation with cat or dog: you need to know

In the holiday season, many pet owners are facing a choice: to leave a pet in a Zoo hotels, with relatives or take with you. In this article we will look at the latest version of both the main and tell you what you need for a good trip.

Where can I go

If you are going to a dog or a cat abroad, and not to a dacha or to a village to your grandmother, then in Australia, for example, your pet will be left on arrival in the quarantine zone for up to 2 months! It will be the same for incoming animals in New Zealand, Ireland, as well as on the island of Cyprus and Malta. In Cuba and Taiwan, quarantine lasts 14 weeks, in Singapore - 1 month, and in Thailand - 1 week. Still need to consider that quarantine content is not free. The cost depending on the country can cost from 150 to 500 US dollars. In the Schengen countries, dogs and cats are taken without quarantine under strict conditions, which we will discuss below.

Train or plane?

Let's start with the most difficult - transportation of the animal on the plane. There are several possible options: transportation in the cabin or in special containers in the luggage compartment. Not every airline allows the carriage in the cabin. Maximum weight of the animal, which you can bring in the cabin, can vary from up to 6 8 kg together with the container, depending on the airline. Also for pet transportation in the cabin must meet its requirements to the size of carry - as a rule, the restriction in 115 cm in sum of three dimensions.

Animals whose mass together with the container is more than 8 kg, can fly only in the luggage compartment. Regardless of where the fly your pet, you will have to pay for his passage of airline fares.
Warn airline that you plan to carry with them the animal, as well as to report the exact weight and size of the container is required in advance. Of course, the flight with the pet can be quite troublesome, but each airline has the appropriate experts to help you choose the most appropriate route taking into consideration all the required restrictions

Galina Omarova
Veterinarian name Skryabin Veterinary Innovation Center, an expert brand Farmina Pet Foods

Traveling with the pet on the train is a little easier. First of all, it is necessary to take into account that the requirements are the same, since there is only one company in Russia that is engaged in rail transportation. And all the requirements are indicated on the official website of the company RZD. The main of them: for transportation of animals a separate fee is charged, the animal must be provided for the whole journey of diapers and other hygienic supplies, large and medium-sized dogs are transported in a muzzle and only with a leash. If you travel with a dog in a suburban train, then there is also a need to pay for their travel. Well, if the dog is also large, then she will have to go on leave only in the tambour part of the car.


You came to Europe for the car and the dog? Or decided to go to the neighboring region to the grandmother with a pet cat? Then remember the main rule: before the trip is not desirable to feed the animal. To dog did not seasick on the way, the gap between the ride and feeding must be at least 4 hours. However, to fulfill this rule you will succeed only if you are traveling short distances.

Prior to further transportation, make sure that the animal is well tolerated by the way, is not experiencing stress, provide him a comfortable temperature. Make a short stop on the road - just like humans, dogs and cats occasionally need to "stretch their legs". Be sure to remember that in the summer heat in the dog may be heat stroke if you leave it in the car one, even for a few minutes!

To travel by car pet should be accustomed. To dog is used to the car, run it in, encouraging and comforting. Then start to do it already with the engine running. Then take a short trip and try to finish its game. Work on it gradually so that the animal does not experience nausea. Do not let the cat or dog to move freely about the cabin. Use the special protection or the transport cage

Galina Omarova
Veterinarian name Skryabin Veterinary Innovation Center, an expert brand Farmina Pet Foods

What documents are needed

Before any trip, you must first take care of the instruments on the pet. So, for the transport of animal to another country, for transport in an aircraft or train in any region of Russia or abroad are required:

Veterinary passport - Animal passport stamped on all necessary vaccinations and information about treatment against ecto- and endoparasites. Vaccinations must be made no later than 30 days and not earlier than 12 months before the date of travel. The veterinary certificate must be given the stamp of an animal or the number of his chips!

Veterinary certificate form №1 - a state document confirming the absence of disease in the pet. This certificate is required when transporting animals by rail, air, water and road transport within the country. The validity of the veterinary certificate is 3 days, including the day of issuance, until dispatch and throughout the journey. The document is certified by the doctor's signature and stamp of the institution. The veterinary certificate is the main document certifying the "identity" of the animal at all possible check points. Documents recognized only by state veterinary clinics are recognized as valid.

For crossings and flights across Russia and the CIS, it will be enough to have these documents available. For international flights, you must additionally receive an international veterinary certificate in English or in the language of the country in which you will cross the border. The place where you can issue such a certificate will be prompted in your district veterinary station. Remember that the animal must necessarily be chipped or should have a well-read brand. Otherwise, when checking documents it will be impossible to establish that the help is given to your pet.

Also before the trip is necessary to clarify the conditions of keeping dogs in all the countries on whose territory you plan to be, because you can wait for surprises.

In some countries, dogs will be happy in any part of the city, even if you do not lead them on a leash, in others - paddock without a leash is allowed only outside the city, in the third - a leash is needed everywhere, except for special parks for walking dogs, but wearing a muzzle can be under strict prohibition, even to the fine of a careless and overly "strict" master. In addition, in a number of countries the owner, who left his animal in a closed car for at least five minutes, risks going back to the car with the broken glass and experiencing an exciting meeting with the police. And, of course, any owner will be offended to leave his pet in the hotel room and, having come to the restaurant, see that under each table the company is owned by their owners by their dogs. It is also worth knowing these nuances in advance.

Ekaterina Sukhanova
experienced traveler, dog owner, a member of the Russian national team coursing greyhounds

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