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According to my observations immodest, more than anything else (after sleep, eat and chat) French woman likes to be treated. If this woman and mother, she also likes to be treated warmly. If a woman-in-law, she treated herself and brings to compulsory treatment of others. Long and seriously depressing deficit in hand, the French health largely owes its existence to mothers-in-law "of all stripes."

A mother woman treats absolutely everything that comes to her by the hand and causes perplexity: a runny nose, a dull look, a sudden sneeze, a rumbling in the stomach, a sore throat and an eternal fatigue during the morning ascent. She treats all this not independently and not by antediluvian means, such as: cry, slap, aspirin, festal some, friendly conversation, a fairy tale for the night, tea with raspberries. She treats all this strictly a scientific, highly recommended approach to the matter, such as: doctors and antibiotics. In recent years, however, the fashion for antibiotics, as well as for countless vaccinations with or without, has become sensitive to decline, and there have already been whole campaigns in press, explaining that the headache and gastric disorders are best treated with fresh air, movement and psychological support, since the lack of a mutual guarantee in health care has already reached, to put it mildly, astronomical heights, and roughly speaking, the level of that very "Khans", which are not treated.

But to persuade a woman mother, depriving her of the opportunity to take responsibility on the well-reasoned scientific shoulders of doctors, as practice shows, the case is subtle and extremely ungrateful. Around myself, I regularly and immodestly watch women mothers from three or more children call a doctor at home or they themselves run to the reception, three or more times a week, about the glittering unbidden eye, unbidden snuff of the nose and the obligatory X-ray of the broken knee . In my futile attempts to convince myself and prove by my own example how it goes and heals itself, I am confidently answer that "we should not compare": you have a well-known cause in Russia, the people are seasoned, just a little, they are shining in an ice-hole, rubbing vodka, live barefoot. And here they are not used to it. That is, once it was, they were treated with grandmother's tales, but since then they have pampered, povyvkli and zahireli.

Co of pages and screens are increasingly warning that it should be simpler, to the ground again closer, but not immediately, not so dramatically, you need a gradual adaptation. For now, around me, women mothers not only treat, but also are treated themselves. Pimple on the person, the nose is equal to an immediate visit to the dermatologist, plus a pharmacy, plus six days on the ointments outside, plus some anti-allergens inside. Sickness in the lower back (option: in the knee, behind the ear, at the elbow, etc.) = therapist, osteopath, plus a pharmacy inside, plus a psychotherapist, for a forest of fear. Chronic fatigue, nervousness, absence or, on the contrary, an excessive presence of appetite: a gynecologist, a nutritionist, an eternal psychotherapist, courses with elements of self-training, culinary skills and freaks, falling into nirvana and falling out of it with falling into a stream of eternal vivacity (after "psychotherapist" all at their own expense, so that the deficit in health care does not deepen).

But first - a mandatory consultation with the "family doctor", which sends to the above steps. Otherwise serious work. My stupid principles and calls like "resolve" and "if it hurts every day in a new place, it's okay in other places," have not been successful. My agitation truism that a runny nose without medication passes in seven days, and with medications - this week, note is not received. Someone's bare and eternally healthy children do not serve an example.

After all, opinions and skills are rooted and uprooted whole generations, and anything else that twenty years ago, if you want to give birth without anesthetic and breastfeed, you looked mournfully pursing his lips and shook his head disapprovingly, meaning "do not know what they do . " Now this are much quieter, but still mandatory supply of "psychological counseling." Actually, it all starts right there and then.

To you in the ward, except for constantly shaking, not giving a sigh to you and the newborn medical workers of all specialties, a woman with a penetrating glance and neat folders in her hands is sure to come, sits on the edge of the bed and declares that she will now teach you how to cope with "baby- blues. " That is, with "postpartum depression." You naively object that you do not feel any depression. The woman smiles skeptically and condescendingly, and says that, of course, you are experiencing, you just do not know and you will now explain everything. You need only a few sessions with a psychologist, possibly with an osteopath, as well as complete relaxation, water procedures and acupuncture. You just gave birth to a child, you just need to seriously and immediately take care of yourself!

- Excuse me, but who will deal with my child?

- We have a remarkably qualified medical staff! If you run yourself, you will not take seriously your own fatigue, all this will certainly negatively affect your child. You must take care of yourself first, so that your baby will be well with you. Why spoil both himself and his breastfeeds, when there are such wonderful scientifically developed additives, mixtures, antiperspirations and anti-gases! Trust the specialists and forget everything that your mothers and grandmothers taught you so badly: they just had no time to get into the essence of the question, so they were engaged in children, not themselves ...

Further, you will be guided by specialists of all sorts of specialists during the entire educational process. In the kindergarten: if your child incorrectly holds a "writing instrument" (roughly speaking, a pencil), he draws a two-legged horse on the left, and not on the right in the picture, and listens inattentively to the educator who reads out his cognitive story "Brown Mishka pisses on the bed" (this is in five years of age, and this is not a stupid joke, but a direct quote). You should trust a couple of psychologists who will develop the necessary methodology and send your child to the right specialist, for example, an orthopedic speech therapist, before it's too late.

The idea that your child may be interested to hear about the bear wrote, while home brazenly irresponsible parents read him some old regime tales Andersen, blasphemous and insulting to the qualified teaching staff. Recommend you do not bother myself unnecessarily and do not imagine about yourself, and trust professionals who, of course, know better what to read and whom to treat.

For about twenty years, I immodestly watched how the living and interesting children who were completely normal (according to my misunderstood concepts) sent to the "treatment to specialists", orthophonists, speech therapists and psychotherapists, whose development after thirty sessions (on state support!) Was not recorded the slightest change. Probably, because (as it seems to me, by unconsciousness) they did not need them. I, for example, know one family where all three children in high school went through thirty sessions each (on state support!), Only in order to learn how to correctly write the endings of verbs, only because in the proposed school methodology this aspect is simply not enough worked, and parents did not come to work out with them at home in addition.

Similar immodest observations refer to the now universal "dental apparatus" - those most horrific glands that were the terrible dream of our stupid generation. They are now recommended absolutely to everyone, indiscriminately, but not without a blunder: three of my children were urged to insert them, threatening, in case of disobedience, with indescribable deformities of the dental cavity and even brain convolutions. Armed with the advice of a private and very honest specialist, we did not obey and found that our children had grown remarkably straight, beautiful and healthy teeth. It turned out that it was only necessary to wait a little.

But the boldness to wait until it resolves, or something to do yourself, according to the old forgotten recipes for treatment or training, is not taught anywhere and is not recommended for use. It is much easier for a woman mother to live up to the age of a woman-mother-in-law, without hammering herself with philosophizing "to teach or treat", entrusting these troubles to qualified specialists and instead of unnecessary doubts and hassles doing herself. There are educators, teachers, doctors, new techniques. Grandmother's tales and Andersen's tales only complicate life. Let him, the brown bear write at least until high school, even to the highest, the main thing is to relax and take care of yourself in time. And now, for example, with such a categorical deficit at the box offices of French health and medical insurance, more and more have to use medical benefits at their own expense , less and less to pay attention, where it hurts and in what terms passes. I even know one woman-mother who decided to cure cold and sore throats alone - by blowing and rinsing, completely abandoned antibiotics and makes the son of the house in addition to conjugate French verbs, although this is not recommended: if everyone so starts, whom then to treat and where to this highly skilled staff to do?

And I know one woman-in-law, who after retirement, suddenly finding themselves without premium and last wife, so dramatically improve their own health, that its environment is given diva and her eternal therapist, who often receive a check from her three times a week, difficulty getting used to the new economic situation and also, say, cut costs. Deficit at the box office of health insurance he is one, of course, is unlikely to help. But can give hope to many.