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10 simple ways to decorate the house for the New Year

A week before New Year's in almost every house there is a tree: artificial or real, it becomes the main symbol of the celebration, and other accessories only complement the holiday atmosphere. This year we propose to shift the focus a little bit and focus on the details. At the we tell you about the most simple and original way home New Year's decor.

Calendar with Presents

Remember as a child in December brought a joyful impatience, and count days until the New Year became a favorite pastime? To brighten up the expectation in Europe brought the tradition to cook Advent calendars and every day to please the members of the family with small gifts.

This calendar can be decorated to look like a piece of cardboard with a mesh - opening one every day, you'll find a small souvenir or a wish.

Advent calendar can be brought in an improved form - as a set of houses, decorated by hand. When free time allows, they can be made of cardboard and glue to hide inside or candy cosmetic stuff - It depends on who you are going to rejoice.

Paper Snowflakes

There is nothing easier and nicer, than to decorate the house with paper snowflakes. The main thing correctly folded paper and draw a beautiful pattern. And, of course, stick with their taste.

You can also cut paper figures balerinok and wear them snowflakes skirts.


Candles are one of the main attributes of the New Year's celebration: refusing central illumination in favor of living fire, we create for the main dinner in the year a truly cozy atmosphere. We suggest this year not to use thick mold candles, but to make an interesting decor with our own hands. You need beautiful dishes (perhaps an old service, which you could not find use for many years), fragments of a candle, a ready wick and a couple of free hours. In order to paint the future candle in the color range of the basic decor, ordinary children's wax crayons are suitable, they need to be rubbed and added to the mass when melting.

Christmas wreath

Adorning the front door and the interior before Christmas Christmas wreaths - Western tradition, in recent years, "settle down" in our country.

The hands you can make a lovely wreath at least if you look Our video. Generally, a beautiful wreath can come not only from Christmas tree branches and twigs from.

And yet - of the Christmas balls and cones.

Candlesticks five minutes

What could be simpler than to create decorative composition of a perforated sheet of heavy cardboard, colorful yarn and paper? The main thing is that the candle that you arrange a homemade candle holder, was enclosed in a glass cup with high and thick bumpers - otherwise there is a risk to arrange a holiday instead of a small fire.

Vases and sweet boxes

Bonbonnière - is a small, beautifully designed box of chocolates. New Year's table can be decorated with glass bonbonniere with sweets, cones and spruce branches.

On favorite Christmas toys that you are not the first year, it is also worth a look from an unexpected quarter. They can be put under glass for serving in ordinary bank or vase: hidden under the glass balls and cones in the interior will create unexpected textured composition. And if you spend under the cap still and garland, you will have a spectacular New Year's night light.

Felt Decorations

Due to its natural density felts and dense synthetic felt considered classic "winter" materials. Sheets of tissue is easily cut with scissors, and give them the desired shape, whether it is a felt Christmas tree, star, or an imitation of a bright Christmas balls.

To hide the fasteners, using large beads of plastic or wood: the so-tree toy will look even more accurately with a minimum of time and effort spent.

Knitted toys

There's no question arises of how to decorate the house for the New Year, so it at needlewomen - have something to apply their skill and imagination. Even if you have learned at school to crochet only columns with and without nakida, you can afford to tie some small openwork snowflakes.

You can also tie the old Christmas balls.

Or make "empty" knitted balls. In this case, except for threads and hooks need balloons and starch.

Decor made of cardboard

Many of us do these souvenirs in kindergarten and school: tissue paper you need to cut a lot of circles, folded in half and glue the side faces gradually until you get a fluffy ball. Forgot technology is primarily those who already have children of their own: to prepare for the holiday with the whole family is much nicer than alone, and the kids are in charge.

Pomander of oranges

"Right" Pomander (flavorings) made a couple of weeks before the New Year: take tonkokorye oranges and stick cloves in them-buds, sprinkle with a mixture of spices, wrapped in paper and put into a warm place - they have to dry. But if there is no time, you can simply decorate oranges cloves, not zasushivaya - on New Year's Eve flavor "false" Pomander is enough.

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