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What is this procedure Ulthera System?

Especially for Cyplive Woman. Information provided by a leading Moscow clinic "Lanthanum".

That yesterday it was impossible to even imagine a reality today, non-invasive SMAS-lifting. Effect transformation appearance achieved using Ulthera System is so radical that the hardware and software technology for the first time in history, has received registration the FDA (QC U.S. Food and Drug) in the category "Lifting".

Facelift procedure Ulthera System

Methodology Ulthera System, non-surgical face lift SMAS-, three-level is the focal ultrasonic treatment on muscle and muscle fascia of the face. Focused ultrasound beam, like a surgeon's scalpel, moves deeper layers: the muscles and fascia of the face, simulating its perfect contour. Ulthera System provides a facelift at the muscles in any type of aging. With the help of ultrasound scanning deep facial tissue specialist controls the depth and impact of the activity that provides the maximum effect of the procedure.

With the advent of microsurgery subdermal Ulthera System has received not only a new kind of device, but an entirely new opportunity to carry out non-surgical face lift SMAS-. In this case the intervention is carried out precisely: at the desired location, a given depth, and with the necessary activity - absolutely safe.

Ultrasonic SMAS-lifting Ulthera System

Ultrasonic SMAS-lifting Ulthera System is held once and does not require rehabilitation. He successfully continues the current trend today subdermal microsurgery and achieves results similar operating SMAS-lifting.

Procedure Ulthera System

During the procedure, the unit Ulthera System generates intense focused ultrasonic pulses. Technology Deep See, the underlying machine Ulthera System, provides an opportunity to carry out lift not only the deepest layers of the skin, but the muscle fascia, which is identical to SMAS-lifting. Impact on the SMAS system using ultrasonic sensor leads to a redistribution of muscle and dermal tissues, providing a lifting effect.

The unique nature of a facelift on the Ulthera System

A unique feature is the Ulthera System ultrasound imaging system. Doctor during the procedure sees not only the deep layers of the skin, but also muscle fascia, allowing individually for each patient, to pick up the depth, strength and vector effects.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure Ulthera System

Indications for the procedure:
• Atony facial muscles, neck, decollete, knees, elbows, buttocks
• Loss of skin elasticity
• Facial Wrinkles
• Ptosis forehead and eyebrows

Contraindications to the procedure:
• Pacemaker
• Pregnancy and lactation
• Herpes under rashes