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What is Bioplastic?

Especially for Cyplive Woman. Information provided by a leading Moscow clinic "Lanthanum".

Clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology "Lantan" presents a new technology of face rejuvenation, called "Bioplastics". The essence of the technique is that a new elasticity framework is created in the subcutaneous layer of the patient with the help of injections of a special preparation, which gives a tangible rejuvenation effect for a long time. The degree of expression of the result allows to position bioplastics as a full-scale lifting, despite the absence of surgical intervention. The great attractiveness of the method is also that the elastic "filaments" formed in the subdermal layer of the face from the injected preparation are completely biodegradable, and after a few years dissolve, completely disappearing from the body. Thus, bioplastics from "Lantanum" is a modern alternative to the filament lifting (ligature lifting), because the effect is far superior to the latter, but lacks its drawbacks.

The drug used in bioplastics is completely safe for health, is completely biodegradable and unique in that it gives an exactly predictable and controlled cosmetic effect. The drug has been tested for many years with practical experience in surgery, where it has been widely used as a soft suture material. has the highest quality and safety, as evidenced by the certificate of compliance with the standards of quality of medical products of the European Union (CE Medical), as well as the approval of the FDA. An important characteristic is its complete neutrality in terms of allergy and absolute biocompatibility.
During the procedure, bioplastics drug in liquid form is introduced by a specially developed technology along the lines of the greatest slack (ptozirovaniya) face and neck. Through 5-10 minutes after injection under the skin of the liquid filler formed elastic thread, which strengthens the tissues. Bioplastic tightens facial contours, removes "Bryl" and a second chin, moreover, makes the medication injected cheeks lost volume - an effect which occurs when gold or other types of reinforcement strand suspenders.

Other advantages of bioplastics: instant effect and long-lasting results, which can be planned according to the duration (1, 2, 4 year). The stability of the result is due to the fact that the drug provokes at the injection site the production of the patient's own neo-collagen. In addition, unlike other types of ligature lifting, with bioplastics, there are no foreign objects and substances left in the body. At the end of the planned period, the drug is self-absorbed. The process of its biodegradation is physiological, well studied and clinically proven. Thus, bioplastics - a new technology of rejuvenation, represented by the Lantan clinic - is highly effective, carries no risks and can be repeated as necessary several times.