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How to properly care for fur?

Information provided CyliveWoman salon ELITE FURS

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Choose quality fur product is very difficult. However, ensure quality care for him even harder. But fur - fun is not cheap, so you want to buy as long as pleased. Therefore, in order to serve a long fur coat, you must follow certain rules ...

Strongly recommended to be worn on the shoulder handbags - Because at the point of contact with the fur strap bags pile "break", and eventually fur altogether erased and fall.

Furs are very sensitive to the "too dry". So do not dry fur near the heaters, store in direct sunlight. Also, do not stand near the exhaust pipe of the car - a few minutes is enough to finally "kill" the fur.

Also highly undesirable use near fur perfumes, hair sprays and other aerosols.

The fur should "breathe", so Do not store furs in polyethylene - Cover coat should be made of loose natural fabric (for instance, from flax), painted in a dark color or the same from a special porous material. White fur can protect from premature yellowing when stored in a dark blue cover. Drenched in the rain fur dried in the open air at room temperature. The dried coat should be lightly shake to fluff took his natural position.

If the fur is very dirty - it is better not to risk it and trust Professional cleaning. Small stains can also be removed and at home. It should be remembered that petrol and acetone to apply fur strictly prohibited. On dirt, you can use a soft sponge to put a mixture of vinegar, alcohol and water in equal parts, and then wipe the fur with a damp cloth.

The worst enemy of fur - mole. Therefore, in the coat closet with desirable place sachets with lavender, geranium or else special "antimolevye" means.

Yet it must be remembered that the fur that are not, "aging" twice as fast. Therefore walk in a fluffy fur coat will not only raise your spirits, but also help save your favorite thing.