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10 the strangest laws in the world, limiting sex

In Indonesia, plan to introduce a law that for extramarital sex will be punished with imprisonment from one to five years. However, it is not clear how the presence of this most extramarital sex authorities will monitor. And in other countries already have laws with a century of history, also associated with sex. We give you the most bizarre of them.

1. Bakersfield, California. Here there is a law by which you are required to use a condom while having sex with .... devil.

2. Colorado men kissing sleeping women smoking.

3. Women living in Alabama forbidden to have sex in areas where there are swimming pools.

4. Minnesota residents forbidden to sleep naked.

5. Residents of Georgia can be arrested for buying sex toys, such as vibrators.

6. In some states in America, for example, in Arizona, Indiana, and New York erection visible through clothing in public places are considered illegal. Can be fined for it - and in jail.

7. In one of the cities of Oregon men forbidden to swear during lovemaking.

8. In Maine, the taxi drivers is prohibited to carry out women's clubs and bars offering as retribution for the trip - sex.

9. In Wisconsin men forbidden to shoot at women during their orgasm.

10. In Washington couples forbidden to use any other posture than missionary.