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10 secrets of a happy marriage

10 offer you simple truths that will make your marriage a happy one.

1. Do not try to change the spouse

That now he is in your power, and you can demand from him what you want - misleading. If you choose the person with whom you want to build a family, why remake it?

2. Yield husband headed households

That should guide the family only a woman - not true. The husband should make important decisions, of course, in consultation with you. Otherwise, why do you need a husband?

3. Do not bring up past grievances to each other

Even in the most severe quarrels with smashing crockery and shouting "All file for divorce", do not try to remember it all, you were not happy with your entire married life. Most likely you have a day to resolve the conflict, and in his heart and will precipitate, which can even destroy the family.

4. Remember romance

That you are not swallowed up routine, take the time for a romantic dinner, make each other surprises, give gifts. Ability to retain at least part of romance that was in your candy buketny period does marriage really happy.

5. Looks good

Here, once married, you can relax. For example, let the stomach and go to the old coat. Try to look good both on the street and at home. And it does not mean you have to go to bed with makeup and styling to be a beautiful morning.

6. Grow

It is important that after formalizing your love on paper, you did not forget about their own interests and have continued to evolve. Couples where each spouse has certain hobbies and personal interests of time, do not feel married somewhat restrained.

7. Relax together

There is nothing better than a family vacation. Whatever it was, try to spend free time together At least a few days a month. Plan a joint vacation, postpone any concerns over the weekend, this time to devote only to each other.

8. Separate domestic responsibilities

Do a better job on the basis of who is better at it. For example, you prepare delicious, and my husband used to keep all the numbers in my head. Let it be the responsibility of timely payment of invoices for loans and utilities, etc.

9. Sex - an important part of married life

Forget the importance of sex for couples in any case impossible. Enjoy each other, listen to the desires of the partner, and then you have sex never become a routine "conjugal duty".

10. Do not forget about flirting

Express your feelings not only daily care, but also with words. Affectionate nicknames and compliments inspire each person confidence that he is the best for you. And men especially like it when their favorite woman elevates a little, saying that he is the best and most beloved.

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