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6 phrases that you can not tell a woman

Which phrase best avoided in conversation, not to destroy relationships.

So here 6 phrases that you need to remember and try not to use in a conversation with the woman.

1. "You're really going to eat all that?"

Your friend by definition light like a feather, and graceful as a ballerina. Therefore, the slightest hint that it was "not so", is bound to cause resentment sea. In dealing with women better not touch the topic of food, because they are so each time reproached himself for his weakness for sweet. And these conversations are well able to spoil their self-esteem. Yes, your friend really wants to eat it all - so better shut up and do not spoil it

2. "But my ex ..."

All conversations in which there is mention of your ex-girlfriend will be considered your real girl, as a comparison. And often these phrases people use for comparison is not the best quality and character traits. Of course, to compare partners - is a natural process, but we advise you not to do it out loud, and not to get involved, because all people are different formats and relationships will always be different.

3. "You're all in your mommy."

Under no circumstances does not affect her mother and other relatives. Otherwise, you risk in the eyes of her favorite look hater family members. And it is unlikely you will forgive - often girls are very strong bond with my family, especially my mother.

4. "What happened to your hair?"

Your friend's hair look great! And hairstyle, makeup and outfit matched perfectly. Just usvoy it once and for all to give the girl advice and comments about her appearance is worth only when she asked you to do that and it should be done very delicately.

5. "Yes, relax!"

Such appeal instantly reduces the chances that it will take them right now and relax. If a girl is something excited, the only solution to this problem will allow her to relax. Therefore, instead of the phrases "relax," "calm down" or "chill" try to help understand the causes favorite her excitement.

6. "Do not you have PMS?"

Let's say it is. But do not talk about it and focus. The emotional state of many girls phase of their menstrual cycle has no effect. Therefore, her antics and whims are likely to be associated with something else.

And finally, the relationship - a complex and very individual thing. This is not a game with only one goal. This mutual partnership. If you love and see what you like and realize something inferior and go forward, then it is worth to try to preserve and strengthen the relationship.