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7 reasons to suspect a man of treason

How do you know that your man appeared mistress? There are a few obvious signs of infidelity.

It should immediately be said that male infidelity is not difficult to identify, you need more than just observation. But as a rule, it is evident only when a man struck up with someone romance, new relationships.

When cheating occurred once - on a business trip, at a drunken party with colleagues from out of town, you will be harder to find out. But even here there is one effective method: the more honest and sincere is your attitude to it, the harder it will be to carry the burden of guilt. Sooner or later it will manifest itself.

Мобильный телефон

Being mobile without a mobile phone these days is simply impossible, so that even well-kept in touch with time manifest itself here: the "Vasily cement" to speak a woman's voice, then the work will constantly call in the evening and at night, the sms from the mobile operator will become increasingly come.

In short, any woman understands that a man was hiding something, he always began to carry the phone with them, can not tolerate the slightest touch to it, talking on the phone in the bathroom, etc. But do not think just about the bad. Maybe it prepares you a nice surprise on the twentieth anniversary of married life.

Changes in appearance and behavior

Many women notice that when a man changes, or close to it - he starts to shine like polished nickle. If calls, perfume and delays at work is still possible to hide or explain the state of love suddenly appeared impossible to conceal.

Men usually start to carefully look after yourself: are poured scented water before leaving the house, buying new clothes, shave more frequently, pay more attention to clean shoes, etc.

If all the credit for this behavior does not accrue to you and are not a response to your behavior, then it is an obvious reason to think, and then suddenly a man so dramatically changed their behavior and to whom he wanted to please.

Changes in mood, too, should be very noticeable: the state gives to love him forever tired after work, wings and high spirits, full-time and permanent is no longer meeting its exhausting. In short, a feeling that somewhere out he has another "podzaryadochnaya station."

Less free time at home

If treason for men and has been repeatedly linked with other relationships, it would, of course, will require more time. Because of this will occur frequent "meeting at work", "overtime", "travel", "saunas with only friends" and so on.

Lies and excuses

Inside every woman is a male voice sensor, which accurately determines a lie, and where the truth lies. It remains only to properly remove his testimony. Regular evening meeting at work, travel, ridiculous excuses, excuses inconsistencies, stuttering and vague explanations very clearly show that man has something to hide.

If you want to find out exactly how such a mess, do not get hysterical, and calmly ask questions and point out the inconsistencies in his stories. Any man or recognized, or all would be so obvious that even his confession is not required.

If any such conversation is very useful to know the language of gestures and facial expressions, just because they are often in such cases, telling the truth.

Amendment to you

A strong change in attitude to his woman (without apparent reason) - a very clear sign of infidelity, but it can be manifested in many ways radically.

Changing or altering any man feels guilty (unless their behavior you may unleashed his hands), so sometimes a man can be unusually attentive, very expensive gifts to give, to pay compliments. The sexual life you will find a fountain of new emotions. Usually it happens when betrayal was a man and not considering the possibility of separation or of a change to the existing way of life in your relationship.

If the betrayal was not simply a one-off event, and your man in love with another woman, the kind of attention to you and desire to do good may just be a natural "side effect" of love.

Being in a relationship with another woman, a man can begin to reproach you certain things, comparing with it. You do not look like that, do not you feel about him. Beginning of any relationship is always the same: it seems that it has never been that only the person understands and appreciates the love for real. A man can succumb to this trend of new relationships.

If you do not want to shoot from the hip, or if you currently do not have "iron" evidence of his betrayal, play around with it. He is dissatisfied with your body shape? Start walking on fitness. He bought a ticket to the gym? Go with him! He believes that you do not appreciate it? Try to behave differently. Since you do not talk about? Arrange a joint view of what it usually looks, or joint reading, for example.

This game can be, firstly, to distract you from sad thoughts, and secondly, only better impact on your development. And thirdly, no one knows exactly what it can end. In any case, you will be the winner.

Changing Tastes

Few men can boast a constant quest for innovation, so if the man suddenly began to show the urge to disruption of the existing order, it means that somewhere he spotted as it may be different. It remains to find out where.

The man can begin to ask him to cook new dishes, cut the potatoes into cubes not, and straws, start asking why you are doing something one way and not another. In bed, if the sex life you still there, too, may change - it will use any new positions or techniques.

If much of his somewhat suspect ask, but still, how he took it, why he decided to do so. This simple question can put it into a dead end, because with time to remember someone like that in bed and who he said would be difficult.

Need not be described

All of the above features, by chance, can be signs of infidelity is not: in life there are different incidents. However, such facts as the lipstick on the clothes, the smell of other people's spirits, the hair on his jacket or shirt, unambiguous scratches on the back and the other in the description is not needed.

After any such indication is likely to ask some questions to the man, of course, if you are ready to hear the answer.

Instructions for use

Do not rush to search all of these features in the behavior of his men. After all, as we know, he who seeks will always find. All this is very individual, and sometimes believe their own feelings, too bad. Most women tend to exaggerate both good and bad.

The only thing that we always remain true - is intuition. If we do not lose the ability to hear your inner voice, we can always find an answer to any question. Including the issue of male infidelity. It is no wonder that in a man's world, too, goes the myth that they do not hide the woman feels the betrayal, even if the man still standing at the door.