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Sex bomb vs gray mouse: who are unlucky in love

At first glance, it is very strange - when men prefer very ordinary girls fatal beauties. But this - at first glance, writes

Sexuality and sex appeal - is not the same thing. Remember the blonde in the red of the "Matrix" Wachowski brothers? Mouse Programmer has created not just a woman, he created a sex bomb. The beautiful figure, long legs, large breasts, blonde hair, full lips, rallying opinion - the sum of all components of the stranger in the crowd turned into a super-female, which is guaranteed to "cling" the attention of passers-by. But sex-bomb is not there in the flesh, it was a trick, tutorial, a projection of male lust in the dull reality.

Women in red

Mouse is not wise. Trite blonde in red can only be a blonde in a pink, but the sexual cliches operate smoothly. Sex in general is always well served and sold. Yes, there is a special, sophisticated and refined understanding of sexuality, but make no mistake: maybe two out of ten and remember Charlotte Gainsbourg or deceased Amy Winehouse, but most surely be called a sex symbol Scarlett Johansson or Madonna - with its outstanding third the size and energy of the Rottweiler .

But for all the sex appeal - the stage and the screen - it is sexy Madonna really works? When a huge and terrible, Dennis Rodman, tighten once an affair with the pop star, brazenly declared that it was "not a special virtuoso" in bed, though, and tried as best she could, the audience gasped. How so? "Home trahalschitsa" of the planet, and then - not a virtuoso? Or the world gone mad or just lying Rodman. It is not known yet what he will say about Madonna!

Madonna then wisely kept silent. It is generally more interested in world domination, and not six-foot basketball player, but the question of sexuality, sex-bomb was. And he was not so absurd.

Open areas

Sexuality, bred to the forefront - all these cuts, necklines, cleavage, languorous aspiration and aggressive pressure - too often wishful thinking. For ceremonial façade self-doubt, vulnerability and attempt to fool the crowd.

It's about the same as with comedians who, like Hugh Laurie, Mr. Bin Atkinson or Woody Allen, amuse the crowd, just do that they cluck on clinics with their depression, panic attacks and suicidal tendencies. And many recognized sex symbols turn out to be lonely people who, in the frame, trade brawny torsos and lush decollete, and at night swallow barbiturates in empty and cold bedrooms. Or they break all the charts and hearts of fans of both sexes, and for years they quietly live with their second halves and periodically find themselves on the exit from the supermarket with the packing of diapers rather than condoms.

The great deception

Only it seems that sex - it is simple and honest. In fact, this is the most extensive area of ​​universal lies and myths singed. Busty blonde who already do not know what half-naked photos to post in their puhnuschem of pheromones instagrame fed themselves as goddesses of lust and debauchery, while they themselves secretly dream on the red thong to enter the warm comfort arranged marriage.

Young muscular handsome, in which the word "sex" just does not drip on the forehead and dripped into cubes press, demonstrates in bed quite unimpressive fuss and remember only that sex should end orgasm (not necessarily yours).
The fact that sexuality and sex appeal do not necessarily coincide in one body, perfectly visible, for example, the red light district. It would seem, prostitutes, a pro ...

However, the walk along the windows - a cynical and frigid creatures than local prostitutes, you will not find. Here, sex is not a goal but a tool, and sex appeal - a way to earn money. Nothing personal just business. But just as Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Sofia Vergara put on the red, to please the public, and to succeed. Sex - their main trump card, but not necessarily a state of mind and the body's need.

But so deep no one digs. The red dress is the protocol salivation, and the belief that the external image and internal settings and always tightly bound together.

But this is misleading, and Samantha Jones - a typical kinotryuk such Hollywood Odyssey great sex in tight skirt. And it's not that the performer of this role, Kim Cattrall, complete incoherence in his personal life.

The fact is that even in this image of a confident machine for the writers have added a little bit of pleasure sobering reality: the panic and fear of impending old age and at times acutely aware of loneliness. And it all (and not red neckline and studs) - satellites myth of smart, sexy and relaxed on all cylinders woman.

And though most of us have never personally do not know it good in bed Jack Gyllenhaal and Selena Gomez as convince their outfits, habits and fees, but still sexy, it is an instinct, and sex appeal - a method of packaging. And do not confuse the two, in their own way and separate the good stuff ..