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10 best combinations of pastel colors in clothes

Pastel shades - one of the main trends of the season. They can be used as the basis of the wardrobe, but many women experience difficulties when combined with other pastel colors. Ideas for creating pastel images.

1. monochrome

To create a chic image monopastelnogo you need to focus on one color to clothes and accessories. You can choose a pastel dress or outfit, consisting of several elements, such as pantsuit gentle tones. Today in vogue soft pink and sky blue: they were recognized as the main colors of the season according to the Pantone Institute.

2. Pastel Pastel +

Pastel shades are perfectly combined with each other. One of the most attractive ways to wear pastel - style of color block. Mix shades of pastels, using things with straight lines. Color blocking will not work if the clothes a lot of details and drapery.

3. Pastel + White

An important rule with a combination of pastel shades - do not overdo co "sweetness" of the image. Try to calm your little outfit with a neutral such as white. Romantic pastel dress can be simply supplemented by white accessories.

4. Pastel + Black

Pastel colors are also perfectly combined with black. Complete a pink blouse, jacket or waistcoat, black trousers, and you get the perfect outfit for this lady. By combining pastel with black and / or white, it is practically impossible to make a mistake. If you think black is too dramatic - change it to gray.

5. Pastel + saturated hue

To dilute the pastel image, use the garments more saturated shades of the base color. Add a bit of brightness using an accessory, for example, combine a pink dress with a red bag. You can take, for example, mint jeans and combine them with the green jacket.

6. Pastel + contrasting color

Show your creativity and remove excessive "sweetness" of the image, you can use combinations of opposite colors. For example, a pink skirt is great to get along with a green jumper. Also, we like the incredibly beautiful combination of sky-blue and red colors.

7. Pastel + bright print

Pastel colors are perfectly combined with Printed clothing. The figure must be present the main pastel color. In fashion floral patterns, but they should be avoided in combination with pastels: your image will look old-fashioned. Prefer funny or abstract prints.

8. pastel accessory

If you are not confident that you can combine pastel shades - start with accessories, such as jewelry, handbags and headwear. By Total black-bow can add a bag pale pink or mint clutch. Another idea for a great image - wear pastel necklace over black dresses.

9. Pastel Denim +

Photos published Aimee Song (@songofstyle)

Pastel shades are combined perfectly with denim. We really like the combination of a stylish pale pink shirt and jeans. You are mistaken if you think that the pastel is only suitable for spring and summer. A win-win combination for cooler weather - jeans combined with pastel sweater or coat.

10. Pastel + Beige and Coffee

Photos published Peony Lim (@peonylim)

Pastel is combined with beige and coffee color. They will help to pacify the little girl's character pastel shades and make the image more neutral. Beige can be worn with pastel colors of green, pink and lavender.

Maria Gonzharova
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