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20 quotes about clothing, which is to fill up your wardrobe

These tips from the great fit like a glove

"When in doubt, wear red." Bill Blass

"I love the pencil skirt because they hug me in the right places." Mandy Moore

"We can not look too elegant and too modestly in a little black dress." Karl Lagerfeld

"Think what you want about the long dresses, but they hide a multitude of sins shin." Mae West

"I believe in manicures, screaming in clothes, in that on vacation, too, need to do her hair and apply lipstick. I believe in pink, as well as the fact that happy girls - the most beautiful. " Audrey Hepburn

In a prim white blouse can be thousands of distinctive features. " Gianfranco Ferre

"If you ever wanted to sneak out without waking the sleeping man, then you know that clothes lightning - it's just a nightmare." Diane von Furstenberg

"I want to die in their blue jeans." Andy Warhole

"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one thing." Coco Chanel

"Buy less, choose the best." Vivienne Westwood

"The ability to dress rests on three pillars - the simplicity, good taste and habit to look after themselves - and it is not expensive." Christian Dior

"The dress must follow the female body, not body shape fit into the outline of the dress." Hubert de Givenchy

"Sport Pants are a sign of defeat. If you have purchased them, so you finally lost control over life. " Karl Lagerfeld

"Your life is much better when you wear clothing that is admirable." Vivienne Westwood

"If you have crooked legs - wearing deep neckline." Christian Dior

"Clothes should not cry ... It has to disappear, leaving you in the spotlight." Alber Elbaz

"Suppose there are two similar women: and appearance, and wealth, and age. They differ only by one - in one there is a dress by Versace, and others do not. Guess what woman makes love most? "Gianni Versace

"If you wear a short skirt, you return femininity." Heather Mills

"The secret of magnificent style sensations. If you do not feel confident in skinny jeans or kablukah- "killers" - go back home and change clothes, "Ines de la Fressange!

"Over the years, I realized that the most important thing in a woman's dress - it is the woman who wears it." Yves Saint Laurent.