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25 quotes about the style and life from the legendary fashion figures

Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Daphne Guinness and other heroes of this material have repeatedly proved to the whole world that they have every right to dictate their own rules of the game. We recall their famous quotes about fashion, elegance and sense of humor.

Yves Saint Laurent

Legendary Diana Vriland said that "Coco Chanel and Christian Dior are the giants of the fashion world, and Yves Saint Laurent is a genius." With the editor of Harper's Bazaar it's hard not to agree. Laurent became a protege of Christian Dior in 21 year, acquired a gentle nickname "Dauphin Eve" and gained world recognition, being very young. His creations are popular today: safari style, trapezoid dress Mondrian, business suit three and, of course, a tuxedo on a naked female body. As it usually happens, the ingenious Saint-Laurent was deeply unhappy, and he considered fame "the trap of his life".

"Chanel freed the women, and I gave them power."

When you feel good in clothes, anything can happen. Good clothes are your way to happiness

"I was always sure that fashion should make women not only beautiful. Fashion should soothe them, instill confidence in them. "

The most beautiful thing that can be on a woman is the hands of the man she loves. But if fortune has turned away from you, I'm always around

"Elegance no longer matters. Clothes should bring joy, amusement. "

Iris Apfel

As a rule, the name Iris Apfel sounds when it comes to age and style. Interior designer, collector, antique, unconditional authority of the fashion world. For her, cooperation with the cosmetic brand MAC and a lot of advertising campaigns. In 2006, the Metropolitan Museum in New York hosted a major exhibition dedicated to 85-year-old Iris Apfel and her style. Massive ornaments in ethnic style, unusual prints, bright colors, red lipstick and, of course, the famous round horn-rimmed spectacles are the official Apfel techniques.

"Dress up like you're already a celebrity."

I'm ugly and I will never be beautiful, but it does not matter. I have something much more. I have a style

"I'm not an expert in applying make-up, but I think that you need to be an endless idiot to not be able to make lipstick lipstick."

"Often, life is gray and boring. So why not add a little fun choosing a dress? "

When you dress differently than everyone else, then you start thinking differently

Daphne Guinness

In a fashionable world, there is such a profession as a muse. This honorable "post" is occupied by truly unique people, and Daphne Guinness from among them. A woman with a very interesting fate, the appearance of a queen and the style of a guest from the future. Her hairstyle with elaborately combed locks of hair, slender figure, high cheekbones and a piercing look inspire the best designers, photographers and artists of the world. She is a welcome guest at the shows of all the world's fashion capitals, and photographers forget about all the celebrities, if on the horizon appears the carved silhouette of Guinness.

I do not dress up for a special occasion, because every day - and there is a special case

"If it was uncomfortable, I would not wear it."

"I do not dress up for the sake of some effect. And you know, the effect will not be when you dress up because of it. "

I play the piano and I sing, but I do it solely for fun. Everything in this life needs to be done for fun

"I treat clothes or jewelry as if they were art."

Karl Lagerfeld

If St. Laurent was called Dauphin Yves, then Karl Lagerfeld bears the title of Kaiser of the fashion world. Several decades ago, Lagerfeld literally pulled Chanel House from the world and made him one of the most profitable on the world stage, 20 years he was the creative director of Chloé House, and today he is responsible not only for Chanel, but also for the Italian House of Fendi, he creates collections for his own brand of the same name, makes incredibly beautiful photos, shoots short films and, it seems, does not sleep a second.

In addition to his incredible workaholism, Lagerfeld is famous for his biting quotes. Today, the Kaiser is one of the few designers who criticize fat women and models, even in spite of their fat past (at the beginning of zero he dropped more than 40 kg). Lagerfeld is incredibly demanding both to himself and to others. Sometimes it seems that he loves only his cat Shupet, which, by the way, earns more than many domestic designers.

Elegance is a physical quality. If a woman does not look elegant, being nude, then no dress will help her

"You can not be too naked or too dressed if you have a small black dress on."

Sports pants - a sure sign of defeat. You lost control over your life, that's why you bought training

"Scandals harm only those who do not."

"As a rule, I do not recommend wearing wedding dresses of my design: they all lead to a divorce."

Manolo Blanic

Manolo Blahnik is the favorite designer of Carrie Bradshaw, whose name she repeats almost more often than the name of anyone else on the show. Blanik raised his shoes, made her a real fetish. He adores both princesses and hip-hop stars. The collaboration of the brand Manolo Blahnik with singer Rihanna became so successful that the brand's website instantly collapsed under the onslaught of those wishing to purchase denim boots in rhinestones.

Men often thank me for a saved marriage. Of course, my shoes fly them a pretty penny, but it's definitely cheaper than divorce. As you can see, I'm still useful

"What is fashion? Fashion is discipline. Discipline and credo do only the best up to the smallest details. "

If I were a woman, I would wear the same thing every day for a whole month. I would only change my hat and gloves. Still, perhaps, the shoes ... yes. All in fact it is simple: the trivialities radically change the image

"My shoes are made for legible legs."

Women in high heels walk quite in a special way. Their bodies sway at a certain pace

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