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Pants-palace: where, how and with what to wear

Wide, loose trousers, palazzo change the proportions of the figure, visually stretching the silhouette, hide the excess weight and generally look very impressive. They have the potential to become an alternative to bored jeans and narrow trousers. Where, how and what to wear fashionable pants palazzo - in today's material.

On a date

Photos published Aisha Zaza (@aishazaza)

Silk palazzo pants with a high waist gentle pastel colors and a truncated top with open shoulders in tone - and unbanal wonderful option for travelers. Such a beautiful way is to pick up sandals on a low square heel and classic boats.

Peach, lavender, lilac, and other "still life" cool shades will refresh you even after a very difficult week of work, and feel confident you will be exactly in the wide, flowing pants, not in a narrow skirt or short dress. By the way, palazzo pants look great with a blazer volume. So if you freeze and the satellite will offer you his jacket, then do not give up: you'll look just spectacular.

At the solemn event

Align the two ostromodnyh trend this summer: crop top with open shoulders and palazzo pants. This trim kit can be safely put on the anniversary of his beloved granny, friends wedding, corporate and other events with the "difficult" dress code. On a cool day to grab a thin soft cardigan in tone to trousers.

If you have wide shoulders, and you are embarrassed to wear tops with open shoulders, opt for a smart silk shirt for a larger size. A similar thing is a real designer! You can bare only one shoulder (with such a small detail your figure will remain fragile and elegant), you can tie a knot on your stomach or roll up sleeves. Another technique that can be used not only with palazzo trousers is to unbutton the shirt a few buttons from the bottom up, but this should only be done if your trousers have a high waist. So you barely strip the strip of skin on your stomach, but do not slip into the vulgar.

To the office

Photos published Marni (@marni)

Pants-palazzo may well become your favorite working uniform. We recommended to reproduce the image of Marni advertising campaign to try and top the bright colors and wide pants beautiful ink color (other dark colors can also indulge in). This option will implement if you are not burdened with the dress code. Otherwise, your option - strict white shirt and shoes with low heels or ballet flats plain dark color.

By the way, a style of trousers enables brands to experiment with the design of the full program: embroidery, ruffles, appliques and other decorative elements are at your disposal. If you decide to put on a bold design trousers, something about jewelry and fancy accessories you can forget. One thing - is in itself unusual and earrings, and shoes, and bag - does not require accompaniment.

To the Theatre

Photos published by ELISA (@theycallithype)

Elegant palazzo pants, white - an intermediate link between women's tuxedo and dress to the floor. In combination with the same heels they look no less elegant, but not so officiously and accurately would be appropriate in a theatrical setting.

We recommend wearing them with a soft knit sweater large cooler in the evening (and the summer, unfortunately, ends) or with bare top in the daytime. The main drawback of this way - light color pants. If we neglect the heels, you have to collect all the surrounding dust.

To walk

Photos published KOOVS (@koovsfashion)

Palazzo pants of thick cotton indigo jeans reminiscent of wide, allowing you to combine them with less ornate things: running shoes, vests, bright T-shirts, sandals. With this set of things you can pick up a miniature backpack and explore a new city.

On the coffee

Photos published Fabindia (@fabindianews)

Pants-palazzo bright colors combined with colorful topom will appeal to girls not the timid. Placing certain accents and playing with textures and colors, you can easily create an image of it in Indian style (if any parts such as brushes or large, massive earrings), the ancient (folds, draping and delicate shades like yellow and lemon) .

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