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We make bets: which jeans will come into fashion this year

In the new spring-summer season we counted at least 10 interesting models of jeans. All of them are very different: some couples look moderately provocative, others set up for a relaxed weekend, some have a difficult and moody character. But every couple on our list deserves attention and chance.

Jeans with low waist

Mango; Zadig & Voltaire; Sandro.

If your youth was at the beginning of "zero", and bitter nostalgia whispers that jeans with a low waist should definitely be registered in the wardrobe, then start shaking the press from tonight.
Jeans with a low waistline triumphantly return, but it's worth noting that they do not look as bad as we expected.

In the presence of a beautiful belly, they can be worn even with croep-tops and other bold things carried to the masses by Sister Hadid.

With wide flaps

Massimo Dutti; Sea; Rejina Pyo.

Another greetings from the past. Jeans with very wide lapels were popular at the end of 1990, and at the beginning of 2000. Then they were worn with shoes on a huge platform, like the best clips of Spice Girls, and nowadays this model looks much more intelligent. Especially good and wide, and narrow jeans with lapels look together with laconic loffers or minimalistic sandals.

With stripes

Mango; Monki; Topshop.

And trousers, and jeans with stripes - that's a rare example, when the stressed sport element fits in well with the context of everyday fashion. By the way, in addition to the classic bright bands, this season will be popular and the lamp in the form of fringe: a vivid quote from the style of western.

With an emphasis on lightning

PrettyLittleThing; BDG; Topshop.

This year, such a minor detail, like lightning, becomes an important accent. Supershik - jeans with a zipper of contrasting color and a ring-clasp. Quite provocative option - jeans with a continuous lightning, which starts somewhere in the region of the waist, and ends at the navel.

Jeans trousers

Diane von Furstenberg; Mango; Tibi.

From the side even it is not clear - whether it is linen trousers, or nevertheless jeans. If you have a dress code at the company, you can deceive the system and come to such an office. Let them try to prove that the "gin-suits" do not fit into the framework of decency.


Lazy Oaf; Mango; Topshop.

The main requirement for shortened jeans this year is a free silhouette. Forget about the existence of the skin in the coming months. Choose boyfriends or models, slightly flared from the knees.

Very wide

Massimo Dutti; I am Gaia; The Frankie Shop.

Jeans with very wide trousers are advised to start wearing not earlier than in May. Such hard to make friends with voluminous outer clothing, except that with a coat of free silhouette, and with winter shoes, they too will look unsuccessful. Shoes on a wooden platform in the spirit of 1970-x or ankle boots are another matter. Try to focus on the high waist line: fill them with tops and T-shirts, or combine with truncated things.

Double trousers

BDG; Citizens Of Humanity; Ksenia Schnaider.

Unusual jeans, combined with wide bermudas, invented and made incredibly popular Ukrainian designer Ksenia Schneider. In such already had time to light up many world famous women of fashion.

Another interesting option - jeans, which seemed to be connected with an apron, as well as models with magnificent flounces.

With belt

Genuine People; Rachel Comey; Nanushka.

Another small, but cool part on jeans in the new season is the belt. Bows, rivets, scarves, belts resembling ropes and ropes are only a small and most obvious part of the list. Especially good these jeans look with a classic white shirt: seemingly and strictly, but at the same time relaxed.


Forever 21; Monki; Mango.

It's been three years now, and carelessly cropped jeans are still popular. This year, it's worth to bet on asymmetric cut, on trim fringe, as well as on slightly flared models to the ankle.

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