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What dress will be worn fashionista this spring

This spring, designers rely on femininity and romance. Prefer floral prints, pastel-colored dresses and simple cut that will highlight all the advantages of a figure. A selection of the most interesting dresses of the season.

1. Floral print

Subject Floristry in vogue for several seasons. Flower Dress will be a win-win option for spring and it does not matter what you choose: small wild flowers, roses or poppies. Combine this dress with jeans jacket. Dresses Midi will look great in combination with rough boots.

From left to right: c dress floral print Trends Brands, 3 490 rub .; Mango dress, 3 999 rub .; H & M dress, 2 999 rubles.

2. Pastel colors

The main colors 2016 Year by the famous Pantone color Institute began just two pastel shades, pink and blue. We love the pastel dresses: they bring a little harmony in your life. Do not forget that these gentle colors perfectly combined with each other.

From left to right: Sleeveless Dress Trends Brands, 1 990 rub .; Dress Sultanna Frantsuzova, 8 980 rub .; Befree dress (Lamoda), 1 799 rubles.

3. Marine theme

The discoverer of the sea style of clothing was Coco Chanel: it was she who started wearing a striped shirt. Today, the Marine style - is not only a sailor, but also dress with a striped print. This dress is perfect for spring: you can combine it with a coat of bright colors or classic trench coat. Fresh View on sea theme - dress with anchors, such as the brand of yours.

From left to right: Stradivarius dress, 1 799 rub .; YOUR dress, 999 rub .; Dress Kira Plastinina, 3 599 rubles.

4. Bright colors

Spring wants to wear flashy things. Remember that the monochrome dress look much more noble colorful. Our choice - options with an unusual cut, for example, dress in retrostile from Uniqlo or emerald green dress with sleeves "bat" from Sultanna Frantsuzova.

From left to right: Zara dress, 2 999 rub .; red dress Uniqlo, 3 499 rub .; Dress Sultanna Frantsuzova, 6 280 rubles.

5. Inscriptions and prints

Funny signs and unusual prints are perfect for creating a fun-filled spring image. Today, the inscriptions on the clothes are no longer a sign of bad taste, but on the contrary, will tell about your love of life and knowledge of global trends. If you beware of pictures, drawings and unusual labels - give preference pea print, which has long been recognized as a classic.

From left to right: dress Sultanna Frantsuzova, 5 190 rub .; dress of silk DKNY, 52 500 rub .; dress in peas with a wide belt Sultanna Frantsuzova, 5 990 rubles.

6. Dresses simple cut

Comfortable dress simple cut will look incredibly stylish, moreover, will not go out of fashion quickly and can last you more than one season. Complete dress fashion accessories, and your image is ready. This summer, we offer a combination of simple dresses midi with white sneakers and a denim jacket.

From left to right: Uniqlo dress, 3 499 rub .; knitted dress freeform Sultanna Frantsuzova, 5 590 rub .; Dress Michael Kors, price on request.

7. Dresses denim

It is not the first season denim conquers the podium. Today, light dress made of denim can be worn anywhere, for example, a dress with a bodice perfect for evening events. Dress-shirt - the most practical and convenient option that will best look in combination with a shoe without a heel. Do not be afraid to mix things denim: it is one of the main trends of the season.

From left to right: ESCADA Dress, 24 570 rub .; c bodice dress denim Sultanna Frantsuzova, 5 990 rub .; Dress Michael Kors, price on request.

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