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2017 Summer: major trends in the world of fashion

Summer childhood we associate with relaxation and insouciance. And even now, when we had so many "adult" responsibilities, summer - a wonderful occasion to once again feel young and free. A fashionable summer 2017 years will allow us to become even more and the most beautiful!

We have collected for you in one article the key trends of the summer season, so you can build a lightweight and stylish images for hot weather. The described techniques you will be able to enter into any style of dress: for the office for a meeting, for a walk with her friends. All of these things can be easily combined with the things that are in the wardrobe of every one of us.

bare shoulders

The hottest trend this summer are the bare shoulders. It can be blouses and dresses with cut line shoulders straps with cutouts on the shoulders. Naked shoulders - is the "new cleavage." It looks very sexy, but at the same time romantic.

It is extremely important not to spoil the image of underwear straps. If you have a magnificent breasts, which completely eliminates the bra, we recommend that you choose a dress with cutouts on the shoulders, it can be worn under any clothes, and the straps will not peek. Another option - to put in place a tight bra top (for training or the city), so you also create a fashionable layering effect.

Sport shoes

Summer is unbearably hard to walk on his heels. Many women complain of pain and heaviness in the legs by the middle of the day! Fortunately, modern trends allow us to keep the legs while remaining fashionable and stylish. This summer, the huge popularity of sport shoes gets. Receiving the combination with dress shoes and sandals without heel with suit comes even to small towns. Now it is available not only regulars fashion shows or stars of street fashion.

If you are just starting to enter the sports shoes in their images, we are sure to make her accent. That is, choose the clothes most discreet design. This can be a dress-shirt, jeans with a shirt, solid color pencil skirt with a free top. Any of these outfits perfectly complemented by neutral or bright sneakers sneakers. Not to be mistaken with the choice of the most footwear, contact a consultant at the store: specify what models are to the city.

The bar and the cage

Extremely popular prints this summer will be the strip and the cell. It would seem quite strict summer motifs beautifully revealed in urban and office images. And the cell and strip make it easy to improve the silhouette image. For example, a cell, especially a large and bright, slightly increases the volume. A more neutral - on the contrary, it will help hide some flaws. But working with the strip - is the foundation stylist. Vertical pull, the horizontal - is expanding.

The fine print

Continuing the theme of patterns on fabrics, it is worth mentioning the fine print. Deliberately large flowers that were so popular last season, gave way to a more romantic and gentle shallow prints. Dresses in a small flower to help divert attention from the small wrinkles that summer strive to attract the extra views itself. And if you fear that you will print a complete, just choose not too contrasting. To outfit looked modern, supplement it with good styling, footwear on a wide stable heels and fashionable bag.


Pleated fabric again at the peak of popularity! Summer 2017 year - it's time to revive their bows pleated skirts, which many of us had to reproach only one season, and then were forced to clean the cabinet, as the stylists abruptly announced their fashionable taboo. You can choose pleated dresses and skirts of any length, as well as tops and pants, including Pantaloons.

Colours - any! The most fashionable colors of the season you can find in a separate article on our website, so that this issue will be resolved easily. To an image with a pleated skirt or dress looked the most trend, we recommend adding the basic one-color T-shirt, sandals on a flat course, a small, uncluttered handbag. A low ponytail and minimal makeup complement autfit.


Court shoes of timeless classics are transformed into acute fashion accessory! This season, they will be set. Best of all, in the subsequent seasons you can wear them as their basic shoes, you can go anywhere. Most useful to have in the wardrobe of black and nyudovye boat. The latter, incidentally, is very elongate legs!

But you can choose a brighter and a couple as long as it fit the most of your outfits. It is important, of course, that such shoes are of good quality and comfortable shoe for you personally. If these conditions are met, you can safely spend even a few expensive, it will be a wonderful investment in the wardrobe!

Bright solution

Girls who love attention and compliments, will certainly appreciate the next trend. To become a star of the party or the leader of the company, it is important to use all methods. This, of course, also includes visual techniques. Vivid detail in the image will help you to focus on itself the views of others. It is desirable, of course, that was a major bright spot. And still need to make sure that the color would suit you and combined with other elements of the outfit.

Trousers flared

Pants style "flared" - another Masthev season. It is best to choose a classic model of "flare from the knee", without excessive decoration and scuffs. Print is possible, but elaborate. However, this style is one "but". Girls, whose line is very cool hip is bent, can not arrange something like sitting flared from the knee pants.

This model will emphasize wide hips, and at this point, not all and not always want to focus. When you need to divert attention from the lush thighs and buttocks, we recommend to pay attention to the style of "flare from the hip." These pants will hide exactly a couple of centimeters. As you can see, all the key trends this summer are quite applicable to your wardrobe. Come for shopping wisely: pragmatic, thoughtful, with a view to existing things. And your bows are guaranteed to be the most stylish!

Hot images of you and warm summer!

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