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The skirt-midi, which should be in this season of all: what we wear?

The main hit of the season and attribute - midi-skirt. It should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. But the skirt we buy, and it is possible that you already own. But the problem is, what it combined with any top, shoes and accessories to combine. In order to facilitate you in this life, we picked 5 skirts a variety of styles to best suit different tastes and created for you 5 images.

By the way, midi skirts are perfect for a wide variety of shapes, not only thin and slender girls. And right now - mid-spring - a time when they should wear to feel feminine and unique!

Almost Stendhal: red and black

Win-win situation - a passion and elegance. Classic and interesting accents. Cat sexuality this way will give glasses with a cat's rim, originality - a large ring, and complete your perfect and stunning image - red lipstick. Beats backhand!

Cocktail of pale blue and soft pink with a hint of beige

As we have previously mentioned, this season is very important all denim. Pick a sky-blue skirt-pencil perfect shape denim jacket suitable shade. And dilute it a cocktail of beige and pink. And the main thing in this cocktail will be floral motifs hair and shoes.

These flowers will add zest and push you and to bloom.

The elegant and stylish black-and-white kit

Sometimes you want something neutral. However, neutral - not necessarily boring. Our black and white set of very elegant and gorgeous. Pick comfortable shoes black to white skirt (here Lofer fit well). Add stylish accessories. Done. You - perfect!

White clouds with a touch of champagne and blue accents

In this skirt from the foam of champagne, you will feel at ease thanks to the semi-transparent and weightless tulles from which it is made. Adding to her sky-blue top and pale pink zhaketik and matching handbag. Sophisticated image is ready.

It remains only to add accents in the form of blue sandals with bows on high heels, in which you'll soar above the earth, and the necklace of the same shade of royal blue.

Gold patterns

Gold - it's always festive and elegant. Golden theme will contribute to the solemnity of the image, so this will add to the skirt black tight-fitting top or a turtleneck. It will emphasize the shape and create our desired contrast. It remains only to complement the elegant image of shiny seed pans heels and you are ready to combat all on the spot. Note, in this way you will not leave anyone indifferent. This image will give you confidence and chic.