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10 products that erroneously believe dietary

They are often disguised as useful, but may actually harm the figure.


If they have a locker in the kitchen or on the desktop - it's certainly a good indicator. So, people are watching their health. However, what is written on the reverse side, we often lose sight of. To get a grasp carefully. Energy value indicated on the 100 2 grams or bread? A composition? Some manufacturers give for "fitness product", in fact, a loaf of bread.

"The composition often includes yeast breads, wheat flour and margarine. How to realize their value as a product for weight loss tends to zero "- warns nutritionist Marina Makishi, a member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists.

bitter chocolate

Pick up the tiles of the best dark chocolate (not dark and Gorky) and look at the energy value. Small differences compared with milk. This purchase is a just restrained animals able to settle for a pair of pieces.

Ideally quality chocolates must contain 70% cocoa, cocoa butter, natural flavor, and sugar. The farther in this list is the cocoa, so it is less.

Fresh Juice

Fresh juice is much more useful packaged. But his dietary component doubt. "A healthy serving of orange juice - about as much as you can squeeze out of an orange" - warns nutritionist Lisa Davis, author of programs for weight loss.

It is better if you eat fresh oranges, washed down with water. So you get all the vitamins, minerals and precious fibers without harm to the figures.

Soup packets

Servicing and dietetic soups in a series of "just add water" in one portion contains half the daily requirement of sodium chloride.

"The first soup semi-finished product appeared in America at the turn of the 19 and 20 centuries, when women massively went to work. In the USSR, too, they produced the first dishes in bags with famous pasta-asterisks. Now, as before, dry soups are popular with Russians who do not have time for long snacks at work, as well as for those who often go on hikes and travel on trains, "dietician Lidia Ionova tells. And it does not matter that before you - a bright product of foreign production or a faint bag of domestic noodles. All of them equally retain the liquid in the body and lead to edema.

Yogurts and dairy products

Fruit Yogurt long-term storage are equally useless and may even be harmful. One jar can contain up to 4 spoons of sugar. Therefore, nutritionists orient our life dairy products - sugar, dyes, thickeners and flavorings. But natural means fat.

"Many people do not pay attention to the fat content of milk, not seeing much difference between the three-percent and six percent. And it is because we have "hidden" fats. Do not leave without attention also fat of other milk products "- advises Lydia Ionov.

Multizernovoy bread

"Even if a loaf is grayed, replete with a variety of seeds, but she has a soft crumb, slowly recovering form a pressure-sensitive, so marketers are successfully disguised ordinary bread under the dietary product," - says nutritionist Marina Makishev.

How many seeds in a loaf or luggage - less carbohydrates will not. If you get a grasp of the most likely, there will be shown "Flour (first) class".

Green tea in bottles

Drinks to "maintain the vitality" do not apply to diet. Traces of green tea and aloe vera can be found except on the label. The rest - the usual lemonade with a difference of a couple of calories. Instead of colors and flavors - a complete coincidence.

Red meat

It is difficult to imagine a more healthy diet and meal than a piece of meat with vegetables. But if you're used to eat steak in catering establishments, do it only once a week. The fact that the chef always choose meatier pieces (so delicious).

"If you buy and cook red meat ourselves, we must first eliminate the ribs: oddly enough, it is the fat part. Especially lamb "- recommends dietician Lydia Ionov.

Sushi and rolls

To dietary dish is sashimi, in extreme cases - rolls with cucumber. All other toppings surreptitiously harm figure cream cheese, mayonnaise and crispy fried tempura (dishes cooked in batter and deep fried). So, 6 tempura shrimp rolls contain 500 20 calories and grams of fat.

So, 6 tempura shrimp rolls contain 500 20 calories and grams of fat.


Low energy value (50 feces on 100g) and the enzyme bromelain pineapple diet brought glory. But too early to rejoice. Pieces of ripe pineapple is not only delicious, but also quite heavy - 100g to pull only one circle.

Eat too much juicy fruit - simple. While that bromelain cleaves a protein rather than fat and carbohydrates, can only bitterly to count how many calories were eaten.

Of course, getting fat from these products can only be regular and immoderate consumption. Therefore, let common sense and sense of proportion do not leave you never - even when like something harmful. But these products are not suitable for a snack.

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