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11 pairs of foods that you should eat together

There are several pairs of classic products, the combination of which we do not think, but just always or almost always eat together - tomatoes, onions, salmon with onions, olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice, macaroni and cheese, and many other perfect combination. However, it was found that some pairs of products gives our body much more, not only satisfy our taste buds. These pairs of products improve our health.

How it works? Some foods contribute to the proper absorption of valuable substances and materials from other products by our body. And this time it's about useful products and useful combinations. Learn which foods is desirable to use together in pairs in order to benefit their health and what foods to what is best digested.

Peppers and Beans

Legumes and beans - a rich source of iron for our health, but the human body from a plant takes the minimum, even the most that neither is the "iron crops." Just 2-20% iron we take vegetables. The body is much easier and more completely takes the iron from meat (15-35%). In order to use the beans to health, it should be eaten with vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as paprika. Vitamin C significantly increases the intake of iron by the body.

Cereals and cereal with onion and garlic

Legumes and beans contain iron, are also rich in iron and zinc, different crops and cereals, but the body of these trace elements are not used, as in the metabolism of these elements in combination with various minerals our body metabolizes bad. Studies have shown that if the grain to add sulfur-rich garlic and onions, then contained in the grain iron and zinc are well absorbed by the body. This effect extends to fresh and heat-treated onion and garlic.

Now, when you prepare a sandwich for breakfast, do not forget the onions and garlic. And do not forget to add barley or millet porridge fried onions. From this, it will not only tastier but also healthier!

Tomatoes and olive oil

If you reflect on the day, what would spice up a fresh tomato salad - sour cream or olive oil, do not hesitate - choose the latter! This is useful. We all know that olive oil - a very valuable product that improves the health of the cardiovascular system, preventing the accumulation of bad cholesterol. Checked - if olive oil combined with tomato - this process takes place in our blood vessels even more powerful and impressive, as this takes part in the antioxidant lycopene, which is found in tomatoes.

Studies comparing olive oil and sunflower oil paired with tomatoes showed that sunflower oil, unfortunately, does not produce lycopene. If you want any suitable recipe, try it. for example, ratatouille.

Salmon and Cabbage

In order to have a good absorb vitamin D, which is in the salmon need calcium, so you need to combine salmon with vegetables that are rich in calcium such as kale. With any of its appearance, since its chemical composition is very similar. Vitamin D is important for us Ososbenno in the period when the sun is practically no, and we are forced to live and tolerate the dark time of day.

Broccoli and tomatoes

As it turned out, the combination of broccoli and tomatoes, is a powerful tool for cancer prevention, as well as helping those who have already had cancer, reducing tumor development in the 52%. This is the case if every day is a combination product consisting of 10% 10% of tomatoes and broccoli. Very tasty in cooking broccoli, steamed, with dried tomatoes and fragrant olivuovym oil.

Green tea and black pepper

It would be much healthier if green tea instead of honey to add a pinch of black pepper. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which accelerates the body's metabolism, and in the long run acts as a preventive measure against cancer. Anyway, in order to green tea really given all that it has a useful need black pepper.

Do not want to drink the bitter tea? Then eat a steak with pepper and drink green tea - it is also good.

Turmeric and black pepper

Everyone has heard about the miraculous healing properties of turmeric. However, it is scientifically proven that turmeric in our body is processed as quickly that he was not able to use all its potential benefits. At the same time, if you add turmeric and pepper - everything is perfect, and the body of necessary substances and elements in improving 1000 times. Impressive, is not it?

When cooking meals with turmeric, never forget the pepper. The mixture also contains turmeric, curry, so just add the pepper and enjoy healthy meals.

Collard greens and almonds

Kale slowly takes its place on our tables. However, we must bear in mind that the cabbage is rich in vitamins C and E. Both these vitamins improve the immune system and protect the body against cancer and cardiovascular disease. But know also that both the body absorb vitamin only in the presence of fat. Thus, a perfect match for the cabbage is almonds, since it allocates fat and oil, and, most importantly, healthy.

When cooking cabbage salad, add to it a little almond.

Apple and dark chocolate

Joy for the sweet tooth - eating healthy foods and a pair for you! It turns out that a combination of dark chocolate and apples improves our skin, purifies the blood vessels, and this combination can also clear already formed thrombus in the body. Just remember that the health benefit is dark, but not milk chocolate.

Apples with chocolate, well, what could be more delicious?

Garlic and salmon

Garlic not only improve the taste of salmon, but together they create a powerful prophylactic against various forms of cardiovascular disease. They also in combination can significantly reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, normalizing blood pressure, and, moreover, it is simply delicious!

Brussels sprouts and olive oil

These small kochanchiki contain some very valuable nutrients, including vitamin K, which regulates the blood flow in the blood vessels and prevent clot formation and improves bone structure. In order that the body can absorb vitamin K need fats. Therefore, brussels sprouts are always prepared with olive oil or butter. Of course, olive oil is healthier because it is an effective preventive measure against cardiovascular disease.