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Fast Diet: Lose Weight in a short time

If you need to look great in a new dress at the party, you just want to lose some extra pounds before the holidays or want to become slimmer in a short time, choose this diet.

Can not afford to dress the way you want? The problem of excess weight is permanently worth to you? Because hated kilograms best years of life are a party? Do not despair, because diets were invented for a reason! These little helpers will return you to the extraordinary harmony of elegance and attractive, eye-catching guys and girlfriends envy.

But very often there are cases when the time for the usual diet is not there. Important event or celebration breathtaking that you want to visit, very soon, and the extra pounds do not allow to get into a favorite dress or skirt. What to do then?

Do not despair - there is a solution! Specifically for such cases and were created fast diets that do not require a lot of time (2-3 months), and as soon as possible will help you get in shape and get into your favorite outfit! Yes, and a sense of confidence will return by leaps and bounds. So, let's start!

What is a fast diet?

Fast diet works quickly - it's her destiny. But the result was a truly mind-boggling, it is necessary to approach the issue of losing weight responsibly! The correct approach is only save you from the hated those extra pounds, but also help to avoid the "pendulum effect".

The fact that after rapid weight loss often occurs same quick dialing. Strict adherence to the instructions of the fast diet will help you forget about the hated extra pounds forever! Now consider the most important - fast diet menu.

Fast diet menu

This diet is designed for a week, so that at the end of this period, you will be pleasantly surprised in the morning going to the mirror.
Should immediately discuss the important conditions of this fast diet, otherwise its effect will not be as strong or even invisible. So, during a quick diet strictly prohibited consumption of alcohol, sugar and salt. But fruits and vegetables - that is necessary.

Fast diet menu is not too complicated, so the problems with the necessary products should arise. So, here we go:


Breakfast - boiled fish (100 c.), Lettuce (150 c.) + 1 glass of kefir yogurt (preferably at bedtime).

Dinner - boiled egg, bread, wholemeal (150 c.), Lean turkey or chicken (100 c.).


Breakfast - celery (150 c.), Boiled veal (100 c.), Boiled potatoes (1 pcs.). Green tea.

Dinner - a glass of low-fat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese (25 c.) Cup of bran or oatmeal.


Breakfast - chicken broth (250 ml.), 2 loaf, boiled chicken (150 c.).

Lunch - rye bread (50 c.), Boiled veal (200 c.), Spinach (150 c.), 2 1 apple or orange.


Breakfast - buckwheat water (150 c.), Tomato salad with 1 tsp vegetable oils. Kefir bedtime (1 glass).

Dinner - boiled rice (100 c.), Low-fat cottage cheese (50 c.), 2 1 banana or grapefruit. Green tea.


Breakfast - boiled veal (150 c.), 2 boiled eggs, salad and cucumber 1 2 bell peppers).

Dinner - boiled chicken (150 c.), Steamed green beans (150 c.) 2 or boiled potatoes, apple, 2 walnuts and dried apricots (50 c.).


Breakfast - a fish broth (200 c.), Boiled fish (100 c.), 1 slice rye hleba.Zeleny tea with lemon.

Dinner - boiled brown rice (100 c.) Or white (80 c.), Salad (lettuce, 1 tomato, lemon juice), banana. 1 glass of skim milk before bedtime.


Breakfast - turkey ham (50 c.), Buckwheat (150 c.), 2 peppers, low-fat cottage cheese (25 c.), Raisins (50 c.). Black tea with lemon.

Lunch - steamed lentils (100 c.), Boiled beef (50 c.), Nonfat yogurt, grapes (200 c.), A handful of almonds or pine nuts.

With the proper observance of this fast diet menu will help you get rid of extra pounds 7 just a week.

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