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Elixir of health of ginger, honey and lemon

Each of these products itself - a storehouse of vitamins, and the right combination of turns in the healing elixir that can give us beauty and health for many years. Save yourself the recipe, and use will be healthy!

Elixir of health of ginger, honey and lemon:

  • Take ginger root, weighing approximately 300-350 grams. Peel and chop on a fine grater. Juice does not pour!
  • Scroll in a meat grinder (or crush in a blender) with one lemon peel, after removing it from the bone.
  • Mix grated ginger with crushed lemon and add honey - 200-250 c.

All! - Magic elixir is ready. We put it in a glass jar, a tight lid and put in the refrigerator. Accept 3 times a day one teaspoon of 15-20 minutes before meals, until the mixture is finished. Also, you can add the mixture into green tea (1 teaspoon at once).

Means perfectly cleanses the body of cholesterol plaques, it promotes the removal of toxins, protects against flu, improves immunity and has a wonderful rejuvenating effect. The mixture becomes quite burning taste, but it does not detract from its medicinal qualities. On the contrary! Burning taste helps to reduce the appetite, so taking the elixir, it is possible that you will lose a few kilograms overweight.

But remember, ginger should be used with caution in people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - especially in acute manifestations of the disease.